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Family and Community Ministries: Resources for Christian Leaders is published by the Center for Family and Community Ministries, sponsored by the Baylor University School of Social Work and George W. Truett Theological Seminary.


Summer 2008

Inside this issue you'll find...

Editor's Note
A message from Editor Jon Singletary

Congregations Who Care for Children
The second installment of two research articles. By Diana Garland, Michael Sherr, Jon Singletary, and M. LeAnn Gardner

What Does the Bible Say About Hope for Children in Poverty?
An excerpt from "Hope for Children in Poverty: Profiles and Possibilities" by Ronald J. Sider and Heidi Unruh

Visiting Orphans and Widows
An excerpt from "Sharing God's Heart for the Poor: Meditations for Worship, Prayer, and Service" by Amy L. Sherman

Forever Family?
Poems by April and Laine Scales

Profile in Ministry
'We're Losing Them In the Nursery' by Susan Cowley, Talitha Koum mission group director.

"Lessons from My Day at the Free Dental Clinic" by Krista Petty

Faith in Action
Profiles of community ministries making a difference

'Why Do You Care?'
A conversation with three ministerial leaders from Chicago's West Side

Fruits of the Spirit
One of the case studies for "Congregations Who Care for Children"

Monday-to-Friday child care
By Vicki M Kabat

Observing Children's Sabbath
By Shannon Daley-Harris

Poor children: the walking wounded
By Jennifer Coulter Stapleton

A Prayer for a Hurting Community

I Care And Am Willing To Serve

Yes I Will

Book Reviews

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