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Graduate Internships

Graduate Handbook

ENV 5V90

Graduate Internships

The M.E.S. degree is open to students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Students who do not meet the science course work requirements for admission to the M.S. may apply for the M.E.S. The M.E.S.intends to provide graduate environmental education that is applicable to solving the earth's growing environmental problems. The M.E.S. is inherently an applied graduate degree. Students not completing a thesis are expected to complete a practicum under the supervision of an appropriate environmental professional


The Practicum, ENV 5V90, is intended to:

1) Provide an experience in a realistic working professional environment

2) Actualize the skills the student has been acquiring in class

3) Assist the student in developing a strategy for employment

4) Provide professional skills not available in regular courses, such as developing networks with co-workers