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Student Spotlights

Recent Scholarship Reward Winners

Victoria Harms, Junior - Environmental Science

Clara Yates Wieland Environmental Studies Scholarship

Willow Howard, Senior - Environmental Science

Elizabeth & Russell Hallberg Scholarship The Galen E. Green Endowed Scholarship

Catherine Jones, Junior - Environmental Studies

The Glasscock Energy Scholarship

Mark McComb, Senior - Environmental Studies

The Glasscock Energy Scholarship
Kaitlyn Rieper, Senior - Environmental Studies

The Glasscock Energy Scholarship

Eugenie Schieve, Senior - Environmental Studies

The Frederick R. Gehlbach Endowed Scholarship The Diedra & Ward Flora Endowed Scholarship

Susan Stradley, Senior - Environmental Studies

The Tony & Donna Robert Endowed Scholarship

Graduate Students

Tate Barrett (Doctoral Candidate) - "Studying with the ENV department has allowed me to travel to Barrow, AK, Stockholm, Sweden, and La Plata, Argentina to conduct research and collaborate with other Arctic researchers"

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Gavin Saari (Doctoral Candidate) - "My career goal is to become a leading scientist in the field of aquatic ecotoxicology, and I hope my future research will allow society to develop strategies to promote the sustainability of natural resources and ecosystems"

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Abbey Jones (Sophomore, Environmental Studies) - "I am committed to sustainability and social justice and helping to foster good stewardship of our limited natural resources."

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Sarah Guberman (Junior, Environmental Science) -Sarah says she has "always been interested in recycling and going green, but I chose to study Environmental Science because I want to help conserve and restore the beautiful world that God gave us."

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