Brooklyn Bolton

Thank you for your interest in the Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center. As your program director, I am very excited about working with you to help you examine business, entrepreneurship and innovation, to help you discover your own passions and talents, and to provide a community where you will have the opportunity to understand how your unique skills can be harnessed and applied in ways that will be rewarding to you and will benefit our society.

Our motto is Imagine, Inspire and Implement. The ENT-LLC is designed to create a community of individuals who represent the next generation of innovators. Comprising students from many different backgrounds and interests, this community will collectively act to explore your creativity. My purpose is to give you the opportunity to engage in many different activities that will help you to imagine and embrace your future, inspire you to plan for and grasp that future while you inspire others to do the same, and give you the tools to emerge from the ENT-LLC with the confidence and focus necessary to implement your entrepreneurial life-plan. We can do this by visiting with inspirational entrepreneurs from many different contexts, working in creative projects to give your ideas form, taking group trips to visit inspirational and innovative people and venues, and participating in other social and teambuilding activities.

I encourage you to apply to Baylor and the ENT-LLC. I look forward to our joint creation of a residential community where students are part of a family that supports and encourages each other in all areas, whether spiritual, academic, social or physical.

Brooklyn Bolton
Program Director,
Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center