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Entrepreneurship LLC

The Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center (ENT-LLC) is an exciting opportunity created to provide housing and academic support for pre-business and entrepreneurially-minded students from all fields of study.

This is the first housing option specifically dedicated to those students with a common interest in innovation and creativity. Housed in Brooks Flats, the ENT-LLC seeks to assist students to more fully develop their entrepreneurial capabilities by offering mentoring between upperclassmen and freshmen, accessibility of faculty, discussion groups, lab support and opportunities to work with practicing business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Renowned economist Joseph Schumpeter once said that entrepreneurship "is the axis on which everything turns." The ability of a person to dream, to create, to pursue opportunities through one's own effort is the engine that drives mankind's development. While it is true that we all have different gifts, there is little doubt that the ability to be effective innovators and leaders exists in all of us. Entrepreneurs' backgrounds may differ greatly, but they have in common the desire to be leaders who can creatively solve problems and change the world for the better.

Welcome to the ENT-LLC website! I am AC, your hostess and I am here to help you get 'plugged in' to the ENT-LLC. If you see me on a page, pay close attention. I am there to point out important or new information. I was inspired by Amanda Casey, a former Baylor student who spent two years working enthusiastically on the creation of the ENT-LLC. I hope you will enjoy these pages and that you will consider applying to the ENT-LLC. See you on the next page! AC

View the video below to join us on the 'Road to Take'.