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Degree Plan

Requirements for a Major in Professional Writing


The Professional Writing major requires students to complete thirty-six semester hours within the major. These courses include the following:

A. ENG 2301 (British Literature)

B. Three semester hours from ENG 2304 (American Literature) or 2306 (World Literature)

C. Thirty semester hours of "3000" or "4000" level courses distributed among language, writing, and literature courses as indicated below:

  1. Writing (fifteen semester hours): ENG 3300 (Scientific and Technical Writing), 4318 (Writing for the Workplace), and 4377 (Writing Internship); Two courses selected from ENG 3303 (Argumentative and Persuasive Writing), 3307 (Screenplay and Scriptwriting), 3309 (Creative Nonfiction), 4309 (Research in Writing and Rhetoric), 4311 (Writing for Social Change), and 4375 (Special Topics in Writing)
  2. Literature (nine semester hours): Of "3000" or "4000" level literature courses
  3. Linguistics (three semester hours): ENG 3302 (Modern English Grammar)
  4. Elective: Three semester hours of an additional "3000" or "4000" level English course (may include professional writing, creative writing, special topics, literature, or linguistics).

We regularly teach the following special topics courses:

  • Food Writing
  • Rhetoric of Race
  • Women's Rhetoric
  • Editing and Publishing
  • Literacy Studies
  • Digital and Multimodal Composition
  • Spiritual Writing
  • Public and Civic Writing
  • Travel Writing
  • Sports Writing