Outstanding Service Chair Award


The Outstanding Service Chair Award is given annually to a current Baylor student who serves in the office of Service, Philanthropy, or Community Chair or an equivalent position for his or her student organization. This award is intended to provide special recognition for an individual Baylor student�s leadership as demonstrated through engaging the organization�s members in service, establishing new & innovative service initiatives and fostering a culture of responsible & informed engagement within their organization.

The Outstanding Service Chair Award was initiated in 2013. This award is given annually to a student who has exhibited leadership and passion for serving the community and has pursued excellence for his or her organization in regards to the impact, quality, relationship, context, and learning aspects of service. This award is granted to a Baylor student who has not only made a considerable impact on the community personally, but has also dedicated himself or herself to putting other students in a position to make a difference as well.


� Nominees need to have developed innovative service partnerships or strategies for their organization.

� Nominees need to have fostered quality relationships with community partners and agencies.

� Nominees need to have demonstrated excellence in regards to the mobilization and education of organization members in regards to service.


Rayomand Katrak (2014-2015)