John S. Belew Award - Outstanding Male in Community Service

Award Description

The John S. Belew Award for Outstanding Male Student in Community Service is given annually to a current Baylor male student to provide special recognition for his individual contribution of time, talent and effort in the Waco community.
The John S. Belew Award for Most Outstanding Male Volunteer was initiated in 1988 in honor of its namesake. Dr. John S. Belew graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Baylor in 1941. He returned to Baylor in 1956 as an assistant professor of chemistry. Dr. Belew held many positions at Baylor, including Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Belew was active in many community organizations including the Waco Heart Association, Waco Performing Arts Company, Clean Community Systems and Midway Independent School District Board of Trustees. For this reason and to honor his legacy, The John S. Belew for Outstanding Male Student in Community Service is awarded annually to an undergraduate male Baylor student who has exhibited an exemplary dedication to community service.


Past Winners

Bryan Tehrani (2014-2015)

Aakash Bhuta (2011-12)

Matt Schnarr (2008-09)

Alan Kramer (2007-08)

Malik Hemani (2005-06)

Victor Saldivar (2003-04)

Wes Johnson (2002-03)

Tony Morelandt (2000-01)

Griff Martin (1999-2000)

Rex Foster (1998-99)

Omoniyi Omotoso (1998-99)

Ben Studer (1997-98)

Rafferty Laredo (1996-97)

Steven Marchalleck (1994-95, 1995-96)

Samuel D. Loughlin (1993-94)

Mark Pearson (1992-93)

Noe Sepulveda (1991-92)

Michael D. Williamson (1990-91)

Mark Medley (1989-90)

Walter Moreau (1988-89)

David Paul Sabater (1987-88)