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Service & Engagement

Volunteer Listings

Whatever your interest area, major, or social circle, there are opportunities for you to get involved and give back. Check out the following programs for ways to invest in long-term relationships. If you don't see your interest area, stop by and visit. We can connect you with other opportunities. View a listing of additional opportunities here.

Special Events

Here are special events and one-time service opportunities. These are perfect for exploring a new interest area or serving with a group. It also allows you to connect with new agencies or start building a long-term partnership.

Campus Kitchen

Baylor University Campus Kitchen gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to serve others while building relationships with individuals throughout the Baylor and Waco community. BUCK, an affiliate of the national non-profit Campus Kitchens Project, started out by rescuing food from local cafeterias and restaurants and deliver it to those experiencing hunger in Waco, but we are always looking for more ways to make a positive impact in our society. Learn More