Outstanding Student Organization in Education & Advocacy


The Award for Outstanding Student Organization in Education & Advocacy is given annually to a student organization that successfully engages the campus community by generating awareness, support, & positive action toward a particular social issue(s). This award is given to organizations that have demonstrated excellence in regards to engaging in these issues and working collaboratively to make a difference.


This award was created with the goal of recognizing the outstanding work that our student organizations do in engaging in global issues and becoming global citizens who care about social issues around the world. That care translates into action here on campus, as students conduct events to generate awareness, as they host documentaries and educate themselves on the complexities of immigration or human trafficking, as they raise money through campaigns to address global poverty or the water crisis. Our students do tremendous work in terms of creating awareness and action on campus. This award is a way to recognize an organization that does an exceptional job engaging their peers and contributing to that culture of care on campus.

General Information

Selection Criteria

Organizations qualifying for consideration for the Organization in Education & Advocacy Award must:

-Demonstrate each of the five benchmarks of meaningful service:

-Involve members (organization should aim at having at least 75% participation rates in the group's service activities)

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International Justice Mission, Baylor (2014-2015)