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Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (EMPA) Program


The mission of the Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (EMPA) Program is to produce postprofessional-level emergency medicine trained physician assistants and clinical scientists to better serve Military Health System beneficiaries and the Physician Assistant (PA) profession by providing advanced care in emergency situations. This goal is met through producing graduates with expertise in evidenced based emergency care and by ensuring competency in the research process. The Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Program provides military Physician Assistants (PA) an opportunity to develop advanced competencies in triage and management of acute injuries and illnesses. Graduates will utilize these same competencies to stabilize critically ill or injured soldiers in order to transport to higher echelons of care from the battlefield.


The vision is to create the benchmark for postgraduate Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant education through the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence. This vision is realized by developing clinical scientists who are prepared to conduct advanced scientific research, as well as provide quality emergency care for patients with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries in the emergency department and on the battlefield. These graduate clinical scientists will develop as future leaders and mentors by establishing scholarly excellence for the Physician Assistant profession.


The purpose of the Army-Baylor DScPAS-EM degree/residency is to provide Army Physician Assistants an opportunity to develop advanced competencies in Emergency Medicine while they participate in evidence based clinical management of a wide variety of critical illnesses and injuries at a military treatment facility (MTF) and local hospitals. Learning to stabilize critically ill or injured patients in the emergency room utilizes the same skills and goals as stabilizing ill and injured soldiers on the battlefield. This knowledge and experience is what makes the Residency invaluable to any military Physician Assistant. More importantly, this same knowledge and experience distinguishes the Emergency Medicine trained Physician Assistant as invaluable to commanders and their soldiers.

The eighteen-month Residency is modeled after the three-year Emergency Medicine Physician Residency. The Army-Baylor DScPAS-EM degree/residency develops strong research skills by initiating and completing individual research projects and by assisting with ongoing EM Resident and staff research projects. The Residents develop advanced clinical competencies in Emergency Medicine as they work under the guidance of board certified Emergency Medicine Physicians with extensive Emergency Medicine experience. They also experience a wide range of educational opportunities while working with trauma surgeons, internists, and other physicians on different services and in other local medical centers.

The Residency curriculum includes several structured learning opportunities such as participation in didactic class work, research, lectures, in-services, teaching conferences, clinical rotations, journal club and/or case presentations. The curriculum is designed to provide each resident a broad base of knowledge in emergency medicine.