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What it means to “Evacuate” The movement of persons from a dangerous, or potentially dangerous place, to a safe place. Examples are the evacuation of a building due to a bomb threat or fire. In an extreme situation (e.g., a flood), large portions of, and perhaps the entire campus may be required to evacuate.

How will I know to “Evacuate” An evacuation notification may come from several sources, including the fire alarm system, BUPD, Campus Living & Learning Staff, other University employees, or other authorities utilizing the University’s emergency communications tools.

How to “Evacuate” Evacuate the facility upon hearing the alarm or other official announcement: Close office/classroom doors and turn off lights and computers. Use designated corridors and fire exit stairs that lead to ground level. Leave the building in an orderly manner. Do not use elevators. Assemble at the Evacuation Assembly Point(s). Follow instruction of emergency personnel. Report any individuals left in the building to personnel. Do not re-enter the building until an “All Clear” announcement is given by emergency personnel.

Evacuation Assembly Points are the point(s) (EAPs)to which all building occupants should report following a building evacuation. Most Evacuation Assembly Points are pre-identified locations, although specific incidents may require the EAP to relocate. EAPs for specific buildings are available below:

Area of Campus Building Assembly Point
South Campus (Map) Air Force and Army ROTC Building AP 8
Alexander Residence Hall AP 6
Allen Residence Hall AP 3
Baylor Bookstore AP 9
Bill Daniel Student Center AP 10
Brooks Residential College AP 8
Brooks Residential Flats AP 8
Burleson Hall AP 11
Carroll Library AP 11
Carroll Science Hall AP 11
Collins Residence Hall AP 1
Dawson Residence Hall AP 3
Draper Academic Building AP 6
Eight Street Parking Facility AP 1
Fifth Street Parking Facility AP 9
Hankamer School of Business AP 11
Harrington House AP 1
Harris House AP 6
Kokernot Residence Hall AP 8
Martin House AP 1
Martin Residence Hall AP 9
Mary Gibbs Jones Family and Consumer Science AP 1
Memorial Residence Hall AP 6
Morrison Hall AP 10
Neil Morris Hall AP 7
Old Main AP 11
Pat Neff Hall AP 7
Rena Marrs McLean Gym AP 10
Reynolds Conference Center AP 6
Russell Residence Hall North AP 9
Speight-Jenkins Apartments AP 2
Stacey Riddle Forum AP 1
Southeast Campus (Map) Armstrong Browning Library AP 4 & 5
Bobo Spiritual Life Center AP 12
Cashion Academic Center AP 15
Fairmont Apartments AP 12
Kensington Place AP 14
McMullen-Connally Faculty Center AP 12
Miller Chapel AP 4 & 5
Quadrangle Apartments AP 13
Roxy Grove Hall AP 4 & 5
Seventh and James Baptist Church AP 4 & 5
Speight Parking Facility/Plaza AP 15
Student Foundation Center AP 12
Tidwell Bible Building AP 4 & 5
Waco Hall AP 4 & 5
Waco Hall East (School of Music 206) AP 4 & 5
West Central Campus (Map) Baylor Bookstore AP 9
Baylor Energy Complex AP 16
Bill Daniel Student Center AP 10
Castellaw Communications Center AP 19
Dutton Parking Facility AP 18
Fifth Street Parking Facility AP 9
Jesse Jones Library AP 19
Marrs Mclean Science AP 16
Martin Residence Hall AP 9
McLean Tennis Courts AP 17
Moody Memorial Library AP 16
Morrison Hall AP 10
North Village Community Center AP 19
North Village Heritage House AP 18
North Village Texana House AP 19
North Village University House AP 27
Penland Residence Hall AP 17
Poage Library AP 19
Rena Marrs McLean Gym AP 10
Rogers Engineering / Computer Science Building AP 19
Russell Residence Hall North AP 9
Russell Residence Hall South AP 17
Sid Richardson Building AP 16
Truett Seminary AP 18
Wiethorn Visitors Center AP 27
East Central Campus (Map) Baylor Sciences Building AP 25
Carlile Geology Research Center AP 25
Goebel Building AP 20
Hooper Schaefer Fine Arts AP 26
Lewis Art AP 26
McCrary Music Building AP 26
McLane Student Life Center AP 20
Opera Building AP 26
Russell Gym AP 20
West Campus (Map) Robinson Tower AP 28
East Campus (Map) Arbors Apartments AP 21 & 22
Baylor Facility Services AP 23
Baylor Plaza I Apartments AP 24
Baylor Plaza II Apartments AP 22
Baylor University Press AP 22
East Arbors Apartments AP 21
East Campus Parking Facility AP 24
North Campus (Map) Jay and Jeanie Allison Indoor Practice Facility AP 32
Simpson Athletic and Academic Complex AP 31
Bill Daniel Historic Village AP 29
Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center AP 29
Marina AP 32
Mayborn Museum AP 29 & 30
Umphrey Law Center AP 29
Northeast Campus (Map) Baylor Ballpark AP 33
Baylor Tennis Center AP 33
Ferrell Center AP 34
Getterman Softball Stadium AP 33
LL Sams AP 35
May Soccer Field AP 33
Whetsel Basketball Practice Facility AP 34