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Other Hazards and Incidents

Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, the goal is to minimize potential damage to expensive scientific instrumentation, and/or experiments and to avoid the creation of hazardous situations.

If a Power Outage Occurs:

  • Contact Baylor Facility Services at 710-1361. BFS will be aware of routine maintenance.
  • Try to obtain the following information prior to calling Baylor Facility Services:

    • Is the entire building or only a portion of the building affected by the power outage?
    • What are the room numbers of the areas involved in the outage?
    • Are there any particularly potentially hazardous or sensitive operations in the affected areas?

General Guidance

  • If available, increase natural lighting by opening window shades or other similar actions.
  • Shut off electrical appliances and computers before the power comes back on.
  • Cease activities or operations that involve potentially hazardous conditions.
  • If the outage involves research laboratory and/or animal areas, notify the department head/chair so that action can be taken to notify Principal Investigators whose areas may need special attention.
  • Secure personal belongings.
  • Use special care while moving about in an under-lighted work area to avoid injury resulting from low slips, trips, or falls.
  • Keep an alternate source of light on you or in your immediate work area to facilitate safe exit in the event of a power outage.  Do not use open flame devices for supplementary lighting.

Elevator Entrapment:

  • Utilize the emergency telephone inside the elevator to call for assistance.
  • Press the elevator alarm inside the elevator to signal for help.

Emergencies Not Listed

Emergencies that do not fit into the categories above may also occur. In these situations, or in any situation in which you are unsure of the appropriate response, call Baylor Police at 710-2222 and report the emergency, the dispatchers will give you instructions on how to respond.