You have a strategy for getting out of the parking lot.
How about one for getting out of a burning concert hall?

When a fire breaks out in a crowded place, everyone runs to the entrance. They crush of bodies forms a bottleneck. People panic and start pushing. Some fall down. Some even die. When you walk into a public place, do your homework. Plan an exit strategy. And keep in mind, the best way out may not be the way in.


Have an Exit Strategy



  • Plan and practice escape routes,
  • Know how to contact Baylor Police - 710-2222,
  • Attend Fire Extinguisher training,
  • Do not store combustible materials near a heat source, in hallways, stairwells or exit paths,
  • Extension cords are for temporary needs only. Never run them under carpets or anywhere they can be pinched or crushed,
  • Do not overload electrical outlets by using ply extenders or multiple power strips:
    • Keep all electrical appliances away from anything that can catch fire
    • Remember to always turn them off at the end of the day,
  • Pay attention to housekeeping issues. Keep your work area neat and tidy and keep combustibles such as paper and trash to a minimum.

Response - Fire:

  • Fires can cause serious injury, death and property loss. Be aware that fires may exist alone or in conjunction with another type of emergency, such as explosion, tornado or chemical spill.
  • If a fire occurs in your building:
  1. Pull the nearest fire alarm to evacuate the building. Leave the building immediately.
  2. If you hear the fire alarm, leave the building immediately. A fire nearby may not be noticeable by sight or smell. Everyone is expected to exit a building immediately upon hearing the fire alarm.
  3. If possible, shut down any equipment or processes that could cause a secondary fire if left unattended.
  4. Know your emergency exit routes and be prepared to use an alternate route if necessary. Do not use elevators. If you are trapped in the building, try to reach a point of refuge, such as a stairwell, or stay by a window and wave a white flag to attract the attention of emergency responders.
  5. If possible, close doors and windows behind you on the way out to confine the fire.
  6. Keep low if there is smoke.
  7. On your way out, assist any mobility-impaired persons to a stairwell or other point of refuge if possible. Report their location to the emergency response personnel.
  8. If you work in an area frequented by the public, announce that an evacuation has been ordered and ask people to exit the building. Healthy adults and young adults are expected to evacuate themselves upon hearing the fire alarm.
  9. Once out of the building, assemble at the pre-designated assembly location(s). Do not block driveways or areas that may be used by emergency response personnel. An attempt should be made to account for any faculty, staff, and students known to have been in the building.
  10. Notify emergency responders of any injuries and/or location of mobility-impaired or other persons, trapped in the building.
  11. Do not re-enter the building until the Waco Fire Department, Baylor Police, or the Department of Risk Management has declared the building safe.

If knowledge of fire or cause of fire alarm is known, immediately locate Baylor Police personnel and provide them with information regarding the fire/fire alarm. No one at Baylor University is required to fight a fire as a part of their responsibility. However, voluntary use of a fire extinguisher by personnel who are properly trained can save both lives and reduce property loss.

If an employee chooses to use a fire extinguisher:

  • Always pull the fire alarm before attempting to use an extinguisher.
  • Only use an extinguisher if the fire is small and in a contained area. If the fire is starting to spread, exit the building.
  • Only attempt to use one extinguisher on the fire. If one extinguisher does not put out the fire, exit the building.
  • Do not endanger yourself or others in an effort to put out a fire in the building.
  • Report the use of a fire extinguisher to Baylor Facility Services at 710-1361 so that the extinguisher can be replaced.

Response - Explosion:

  1. Take cover under sturdy furniture,
  2. Evacuate, if safe, and pull the nearest fire alarm station to evacuate the building,
  3. Dial 710-2222 and advise Baylor Police of the location of the explosion and, if known, its seriousness and any possible injuries to persons in the area. Be sure to give your name, location, and telephone number. Do not hang up until released by them.
  4. Assemble at Emergency Assembly Point(s) outside the building until help arrives.
  5. Advise emergency personnel about the explosion area and any persons who may have been injured.