Doing Justice

The School of Social Work (SSW) is excited to invite Freshman to be a part of the Doing Justice Engaged Learning Group (DJ ELG) focused on a set of core values that include service, justice, and diversity. The DJ ELG puts these values into action through academic, social, and spiritual opportunities for a small group of up to 19 Freshmen across various majors.

The academic component will include a new student experience (NSE) course in social work (SWO 1101) in Fall 2013 and a CCS course in Spring 2014.

The social component will be built around the Kokernot LLC residential experience. It will also include monthly dinner gatherings with the SW staff and guest leaders demonstrating a commitment to the DJ core values.

Director: Elizabeth Goatley, School of Social Work (

Faculty Partners: Helen Harris, Tracey Kelley, Becky Scott, and Jon Singletary