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Global Poverty

Understanding the Causes and Possible Solutions to Poverty


What is the nature of global poverty, what are the causes of global poverty and what does the Bible say is our responsibility to the poor in our global village? What strategies can be used to address global poverty?

Students will explore the causes of global poverty from a variety of perspectives, including theological, political, economic, and technological. Students will learn how the church, business, and engineering can work together to help alleviate poverty in underdeveloped regions of the world. The three one-credit seminars will be used to explore the subject of global poverty. The fourth semester, one-credit course will involve the students in a research and implementation project that will benefit a poor community.

Director: Dr. William Jordan (Mechanical Engineering)

Faculty Partners: Dr. Walter Bradley (Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Jimmy Dorrell (Mission Waco & Truett Seminary), Dr. Joe McKinney (Economics), Dr. Mitchell Neubert (Christian Ethics in Business), Dr. Steven Bradley (Entrepreneurship)

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Global Poverty ELG Syllabus