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What Is an ELG?

Remember all the times you were sitting in class in high school daydreaming about what college would be like? This is it. This is what you daydreamed about. This is what makes college, well, college.

Engaged Learning Groups are a really unique way to get credit for a course you'll have to take anyway to graduate. Some details include:

  • 25-40 students living and learning together
  • A guaranteed place in Kokernot (a residence hall renovated in summer 2008 for ELG students)
  • A challenging issue explored from disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Two semesters of engaging assignments, unique co-curricular activities, an active social environment, and sustained interaction with Baylor faculty members
  • Earn 6-12 hours of credit toward your degree
  • A supportive community of peers, faculty members, and student life staff