Section 19: Forms and Notices Used in the Radiation Safety Program

A. Forms and Notices

  • All current forms and notices are available on the EHS Department web site.

B. Forms/Procedures

  • A basic process flowchart is available as an overview.
  • The following forms are available:
    1. Authorized User Application
    2. Declaration of Pregnancy
    3. Dosimeter Application
    4. Minor Changes to Nuclide Authorization
    5. Protocol Summary Sheet
    6. Radiation Safety Training Certification
    7. Radioisotope Order Request

  • The following procedures are available:
    1. Operating and Safety Procedures for Radiation Machines
    2. Radioactive Spill Procedure
    3. Receipt of Radioactive Material

C. Licenses/Postings

  • Up-to-date required postings as described in 25TAC289.203: Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers; Inspections. This page includes licenses, registrations, Notice to Employees (BRC Form 203-1), notice of violations, and a location list of various other required postings.

D. Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

  • A list of RSC members, duties and responsibilities, and minutes from previous meetings.