Section 16: ALARA Policy

A. University Policy Statement

  • It is the policy of Baylor University that exposure to ionizing radiation be maintained as low as practicable, consistent with the teaching, research, and service missions of the institution.

B. External Exposure

  1. Each person with the potential for significant exposure to x-rays, gamma, or hard beta radiation will be furnished with a personnel-monitoring badge.
  2. University personnel will have an action limit of 125 millirem in any monitoring period (usually one quarter).
  3. When a badge exceeds the action limit, the supervisor will report on the reason for the exposure and any actions taken to reduce future exposures.
  4. Persons who submit 2 consecutive monitoring badges that are over the action limit will be individually counseled by the Radiation Safety Officer.
    • An effort will be made to determine the reason for the exposure and changes in procedures, work habits, or equipment will be recommended as appropriate.

C. Internal Exposure

  • If ingestion of any radioactive material in significant quantities is suspected, an appropriate bioassay will be performed and the person will be counseled on the need for precautions and methods of minimizing exposures.