Section 12: Notices, Instructions, Reports to Workers, and Inspections

A. Posting Current Notices

  1. Current copies of the Baylor University Radioactive Materials Licenses, Code of Federal Regulations, Radiation Safety Manual, Safety Procedure, and other information required by the Texas Department of State Health Services may be examined at the Baylor University Radiation Safety web site.
  2. Any notice of violations involving radiological working conditions must be posted within 2 working days after the receipt of the document from the Texas Department of State Health Services. The response submitted by the Radiation Safety Officer shall be posted for a minimum of 5 working days or until corrective action has been completed, whichever is later.

B. Instructions to all Individuals Working in or Frequenting Any Portion of a Controlled Area

  1. It is the workers' responsibility to report to the Radiation Safety Officer any condition which may lead to or cause a violation of Baylor University regulations or unnecessary exposure to radiation or radioactive materials.
  2. Each individual shall be instructed in the appropriate response to warnings made in the event of any unusual occurrence or malfunction that may involve exposure to radiation or exposure to radioactive materials.

C. Notifications and Reports to Individuals

  1. Upon request, exposure records will be forwarded within 30 days to any individual currently or formerly employed by Baylor University.
  2. Each incident of overexposure shall be forwarded in writing to the Texas Department of State Health Services within 30 days.

D. Presence of the Baylor University Staff and Workers During Inspections

  • The Radiation Safety Officer or designated representative and workers may accompany the Texas Department of State Health Services inspector during the inspection of the physical working condition.

E. Consultation With Workers During Inspections

  1. Texas Department of State Health Services inspectors may consult privately with workers concerning matters of occupational radiation protection and other matters related to state and federal regulations and licenses.
  2. During an inspection, any worker may privately bring to the attention of the inspectors, either orally or in writing, any past or present condition which the individual has reason to believe may have contributed to or caused any violation of Baylor University regulations or license condition, or unnecessary exposure of an individual to radiation from licensed radioactive materials.

F. Requests by Workers for Inspections

  1. Any worker who believes that a violation of Baylor University regulations or license conditions exists or has occurred with regard to working conditions in which the worker is engaged, may request an inspection by giving written notice of the alleged violation to the Texas Department of State Health Services, 1100 West 49th Street, Austin, Texas 78756. Such written notice should set forth the specific grounds for the notice, and be signed by the worker or representative of worker. Upon the request of the worker giving such notice, the individual's name and the names of the individuals referred to in the notice will be considered confidential, except for good cause shown.
  2. The Texas Department of State Health Services shall cause an inspection to be made as soon a practicable if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the alleged violation exists or has occurred. Such inspections need not be limited to matters referred to in the complaint.
  3. No licensee shall discriminate against any worker because such worker has filed any complaint.