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Storing Chemicals in the Stockroom Procedure

  • All chemical containers must be in the original container with the original top, i.e., no corks or rubber stoppers
  • The container must be clean, not leaking and have a stockroom generated bar code label
  • All chemical containers must have the original manufacturer's label
  • Chemicals in solutions will not be accepted
  • Chemicals in volumetric flasks, test tubes, reaction vessels or other temporary containers will not be accepted
  • A record of the origin of the chemical returned will be kept:
    • Principle Investigator or laboratory Supervisor
    • laboratory number
    • department

  • Peroxide formers, chloroform, and other time sensitive chemicals will not be accepted
  • Any other chemicals that require special storage facilities will not be accepted, i.e., freezer, refrigerator, etc
  • The stockroom reserves the right to refuse any chemical it deems unsafe
  • The stockroom is not a repository for undesirable or outdated chemicals. For proper disposal of waste chemicals contact Cody Rogers at 710-7629 or by email at