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Diversity Spotlight

Van DavisVan Davis

Assistant Director for Fitness & Nutrition Education

Van Davis was born and raised in Thailand, and came to the U.S. when she was 15. She came to Baylor in 1999 after obtaining her Bachelor of Science and her Master of Arts in Teaching from Western New Mexico University. She currently holds the position of Assistant Director of Campus Recreation in Fitness within the Department of Student Life.

Van came to Baylor when she was asked to come and run the fitness department amid the construction of the McLane Student Life Center.

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Chrystal BucknerChrystal Buckner

Baylor Class of 2009

Chrystal made the transition from Baylor student to Baylor alumnus in December 2009 when she earned her Bachelor's degree in Public Relations. Though already back home in Houston working as a marketing analyst, Chrystal has not forgotten the impact she made at Baylor, nor the experiences she had while a student.

However, Chrystal admits that she wasn't initially drawn to Baylor when she was deciding on her college choice. That quickly change when she visited the campus, and found out what Baylor had to offer in person.

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Ramona CurtisRamona Curtis

Director for the Academy for Leader Development & Civic Engagement

Ramona Curtis became a Wacoan when her father retired from the Air Force and settled the family in his Central Texas hometown. Currently Ramona serves as the Director for the Academy for Leader Development & Civic Engagement (ALD&CE) at Baylor, and since 1999 she's been working on campus providing leadership and expertise regarding cultural and ethnic diversity, minority issues, and other related matters.

"My hope is that I will continue to engage in work and relationships that proves evident that we all should be 'other-centered people'."

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Young-Rae ChoDr. Young-Rae Cho

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Dr. Young-Rae Cho received his Master's in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2003, then his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at State University of New York at Buffalo in 2009. Since August 2009 he has been an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science.

"It was impressive that Baylor was making efforts to improve research environments for faculty. I want to be a very supportive teacher for students and a favorable co-worker for other faculty members. I believe it would influence not only the impression of me but the stereotype of minorities."

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Anna ImoseAnna Imose

Baylor Class of 2010

Anna came to Baylor from Oklahoma City, drawn to the school's "big-campus-small-campus" dynamic.

"Baylor offers small class sizes and an intimate campus equipped with state of the art buildings, 24-hour libraries, diverse dining options, and numerous cultural and extracurricular experiences and activities," Anna says.

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Amanda RamirezAmanda Ramirez

Admissions Counselor

Originally from Brownsville, Texas, Amanda earned her Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science at Baylor in 2005. After obtaining her Master of Science degree from The University of Central Oklahoma, Amanda returned to Baylor to serve as an Admissions Counselor in 2007.

"I was drawn to this job because I have a passion to educate minority students about college awareness."

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Donna ThomasDonna Thomas

Safety and Security Education Officer

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Donna grew up in Ft. Worth, and came to Baylor in March 2009 to join the Campus Living and Learning team as a Safety and Security Education Officer. Though relatively new to Baylor she has developed strong relationships within the Baylor family.

"Everyone in this department is great, and our relationship is fantastic. What makes me more proud is being able to have a relationship with the students. I desire to make a difference in the lives of Baylor students."

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