Types of Publicity

  • Posters
    Posters are distributed around campus for the two weeks (minimum) leading up to Diadeloso. Posters are full-color (12" x 18") and prominently feature all sponsors. Posters (as well as all other publicity) are designed with colors and logos matching this year's theme.
  • Four-Sided Billboard
    The four-sided billboard sits in the center of campus for the week (minimum) leading up to the event and near the stage on the day of Diadeloso. The billboard is six feet by eight feet on each side and printed in full-color. One full side is dedicated to event sponsors.
  • On-Campus Billboards
    There are four On-Campus Billboards (8'4"by 4'2") which will be located in the center of campus for the week leading up to the event and on the day of Diadeloso. The billboards will display a map of the event and prominently feature sponsor's business names or logos in full color.
  • Website
    The Diadeloso website is a frequent destination for students, faculty, and staff members leading up to the day of the event. All tournament and event registration forms are featured on the website, as well as information for all attendees. Baylor students, faculty, and staff receive an e-mail the week before the event directing them to the website for information. The website is also featured in all event publicity. Sponsor logos will be located on the page of the event that you sponsor.
  • Tournaments
    This year's tournaments include Volleyball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, 5K Fun Run, Campus Golf and the Strong Man Contest. All tournaments are publicized on on-campus banners two weeks before the entry deadline. The online entry form will include the sponsor's logo on the web site. Tournaments also have one to three full-color sandwich boards with sponsor recognition at the tournament location. Last year's tournaments saw record-number participation and marked the successful debut of the Dia Games, the official campus-wide Diadeloso athletic tournament.
  • Tug-of-War
    Tug-of-War is Diadeloso's most competitive tournament and is also a main source of attraction to the center of campus. Student organization teams compete in a play-off format which lasts for most of the day.