2016 Tug of War brackets Brackets will be posted the day before Dia Del Oso.

Tug of War

Fun Run Registration is now CLOSED!

You must pay by credit or debit. Cash or check will not be accepted.
  • $20 per team
  • 6 people maximum per team
  • Combined weight of 1000 lbs. maximum for women and 1200 lbs. maximum for men
  • Men's and Women's teams; no Coed

Rules of Play

  • Single elimination format
  • Men's and Women's categories are separate
  • There is no minimum number of players per team
  • The winning team will be the team that pulls the center marker across the finish line first. In case of a stale mate, a measurement will be made ten (10) minutes after the start of the match for women and twelve (12) minutes for men. The winner will be the team who has pulled the center mark closest to the finish line. There will be an overtime period, two (2) minutes for women and three (3) minutes for men, if tied at the end of regulation.