2014 Ultimate Frisbee Brackets

Women's Ultimate

Men's Ultimate

Ultimate Frisbee

  • $35 per team
  • Men's & Women's teams; no coed
  • 7 players required to be on the field per team (10 players on a team max)
  • Single elimination format
  • Two 10 minute halves with a five minute break in between
  • Normal rules apply
  • Tournament starts at 10am on Diadeloso
  • Limit 2 teams per organization
  • Registration is now closed

Rules of Play

General Rules
  • All rules are to be determined by the captains of the teams, if an agreement cannot be made the judge will decide
  • Call your own fouls, if there is a discrepancy the judge will make a decision
  • Judges decisions are final
  • The highest score at the end of the game will be declared the winner
  • Each score will be worth one point
  • There will be a coin toss to determine the receiving team and the direction of play immediately prior to game time
  • Each Team will be composed of a maximum of ten players
  • Each team may have a maximum of seven players on the field
  • Each team will select one member to act as captain. This captain will be responsible for all tournament business (i.e. sign up, check in, in-game decisions, etc.)
Time Limits
  • The game will consist of two ten minute halves separated by a five minute half time
  • The clock will begin at the release of the throw off and will run continuously until the end of the half only stopping for timeout or injury timeout
  • Each team will have one one-minute timeout per half, which must be taken immediately after a point is scored or while the Frisbee is out of bounds

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