2015 Ultimate Frisbee Brackets Brackets will be posted the day before Dia Del Oso.

Ultimate Frisbee

Fun Run and Tournament Registration is now closed.

You must pay by credit or debit. Cash or check will not be accepted.
  • $15 per team
  • Men's & Women's teams; no coed
  • 7 players required to be on the field per team (10 players on a team max)
  • Single elimination format
  • Two 10 minute halves with a five minute break in between
  • Normal rules apply
  • Tournament starts at 10am on Diadeloso
  • Limit 2 teams per organization
  • Registration is now closed

Rules of Play

General Rules
  • All rules are to be determined by the captains of the teams, if an agreement cannot be made the judge will decide
  • Call your own fouls, if there is a discrepancy the judge will make a decision
  • Judges decisions are final
  • You are allowed to "stall" the other team. If the disc is not thrown after 10 seconds, the opposing team gains possession of the disc.
  • The highest score at the end of the game will be declared the winner
  • Each score will be worth one point. Substitutons can be made after a point is scored.
  • There will be a coin toss to determine the receiving team and the direction of play immediately prior to game time
  • Each Team will be composed of a maximum of ten players
  • Each team may have a maximum of seven players on the field
  • Each team will select one member to act as captain. This captain will be responsible for all tournament business (i.e. sign up, check in, in-game decisions, etc.)
Time Limits
  • The game will consist of two ten minute halves separated by a five minute half time
  • The clock will begin at the release of the throw off and will run continuously until the end of the half only stopping for timeout or injury timeout
  • Each team will have one one-minute timeout per half, which must be taken immediately after a point is scored or while the Frisbee is out of bounds