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Writing the Future Chapters

Like many high school graduates during WW2, Paul Webb's (BBA '50) story begins with a term in the U.S. Army--paving his way for a college education through the G.I. Bill. A lifelong Baptist, he didn't think twice about following in his brother's footsteps and joining the Baylor Line.

Paul was determined to study law, and his courses at Baylor were well underway when the Christian Youth Movement swept him away. Moved by the powerful messages of men like Jackie Robinson and Jess Moody, Paul knew he was called to a life of ministry.

With the help of his wife, Adelia Waldo Webb, Paul quickly earned a bachelor of business administration degree from Baylor and began pursuing his calling. But life's twists and turns were more than he could have anticipated.

In the midst of serving at various churches, Paul suffered some heavy blows. He miraculously survived an aneurysm that nearly took his life, and then he lost his beloved wife to a tragic battle with cancer. Through these great hardships, Paul persevered and continued to pour his life into ministry. Over time, he discovered a way to combine his business savvy and pastoral heart as regional manager of Christian bookstores.

The Unfolding of a New Story

As Paul worked diligently in the bookstore division for the Baptist Sunday School Board, now Lifeway Christian Resources, another story was unfolding. Climbing the ladder of success alongside him was Fran, the woman he would come to love and marry.

Paul, a proud Baylor grad, quickly grafted Fran into the Baylor family. "We would go down to Baylor for games with other Baylor grads, and I thought that's the ideal place I would want a child of mine to go," Fran said.

After retiring, Paul and Fran began considering how they could empower future generations of Baylor students. "I wondered what kind of legacy I might leave and how I might participate in the future in old age and after death," Paul explained.

Upon reading an article about a missionary couple who had established a scholarship, he knew that they could make a difference. "I had always thought that only rich people donated for scholarships," Paul said, "but I learned that those with modest means can do it also."

Together, Paul and Fran created a charitable remainder unitrust that would fund the Webb-Waldo Endowed Scholarship Fund in Elementary Education after providing them with income for life. While honoring Paul's first wife, his late mother and mother-in-law, the fund will benefit students for generations to come.

"If someone wants to leave a meaningful legacy, it seems that one of the best ways is to assure the education of those who come behind us," Paul said.

"We intend for Baylor to get everything that we can possibly give," Fran added. In every way, Paul and Fran Webb are committed to sharing the Baylor experience with current and future Bears.

Extraordinary Stories are unfolding at Baylor.

Set in motion before students ever set foot on our campus, their stories continue wherever their feet carry them. Like Paul and Fran Webb, you can write your own chapter in the life of a remarkable Baylor student. Baylor graduates are changing the world. And every gift, no matter the size, helps them get there.

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