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An Overcoming Faith

"You can't wait for people to knock on your door and give you help," Toyin said. "If you want something, then you go and get it."

Toyin Akindona comes from a long line of go-getters. Her parents immigrated to America on a scholarship for higher education--a promise that was thwarted by corruption within the Nigerian government. But even that circumstance couldn't break their will to succeed.

They were determined: Their six children, including Toyin, would receive college degrees, even though their own education had been deterred.

As Toyin applied for colleges, the words of her parents rang in her ears, "God is going to provide a way for you to go to the university you're supposed to attend. It doesn't matter how impossible it may seem."

After researching business programs across America, Toyin settled on two universities that would offer opportunities for real world experience and innovation. Both were out of her price range.

In the midst of numerous financial challenges, Toyin's dreams appeared to be a distant mirage, but her faith in God carried her where finances couldn't. Toyin recalled the promise of God--that she would attend a private university--and took action. She contacted the financial aid offices of both universities in desperation. The first showed her no compassion. Baylor, however, embraced Toyin's hopes and began the search for scholarships.

Immediately, Toyin began to wonder, "If the financial aid office is this compassionate, then how are the professors and staff and everyone on campus?" And that sealed the deal. Still lacking finances, Toyin decided that becoming a part of the Baylor family was worth the risk.

Only a week after classes began, her prayers were answered. Endowed scholarships were added to her financial aid package, further confirming that Baylor was the place for Toyin to grow. An avid Baylor Bear, Toyin studies diligently and serves relentlessly. Through Baylor's Youth Ministry Teams and Mission Waco, Toyin ministers to local youth and helps them identify their goals, so they, too, can reach their full potential.

"Every time I get to pour into youth, every time I hear a funny story or give advice to a friend, every time I laugh while at Baylor, I owe it to my donors," Toyin said. "By giving to Baylor, they're not just building academic futures for us; they're building our very lives in all the experiences we have."

Extraordinary Stories are unfolding at Baylor.

Set in motion before students ever set foot on our campus, their stories continue wherever their feet carry them. Write your own chapter in the life of a remarkable student like Toyin. Baylor graduates are changing the world. And every gift, no matter the size, helps them get there. Make your gift today.