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Determined to Make a Difference

At age 11, Brandon Wold was doing everything he could to help others.

Forced to become the man of the house at an early age, Brandon began developing his creative skills for problem solving by fixing things around the house.

"I had to switch from fixing toy models to fixing everything else that broke," Brandon recalls.

Despite these obstacles, he was a bright, successful student. Working with his hands turned out to be one of his strong suits, and once he was old enough, he decided to turn it--and his interest in medicine--into a career.

With his sights set on making a meaningful impact on humanity, Brandon applied for an immunology research internship at the University of Colorado while he was in high school. It was the perfect fit, since his family and fiancé were living in Colorado.

Not only was he using his intuitiveness for problem solving, but he also was able to engage in direct patient care. There was a clear connection between the test tubes in the lab and the warm hands he felt in the hospital.

He fell in love with what he was doing. "In biomedical research, I get to engage my body, mind and creativity for the betterment of mankind," Brandon affirmed.

He took this passion with him to Baylor and began conducting independent research projects while completing his bachelor's degree in neuroscience.

As was the case when he was 11, Brandon was still doing everything he could to help others.

He is no stranger to service and enjoys giving back to the community in a big way. As president of two honor societies at Baylor, he has helped create career services for his fellow students, as well as a civic engagement project at an elementary school in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.

Some might compare his achievements to climbing Mount Everest! Well, he does that too. Although Brandon hasn't seen the peak of Everest, he has climbed 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado. Brandon's daring climbing, along with marathon running and participation in intramural sports, keep him as physically fit as Baylor keeps him mentally fit.

"True daring is taking a stand, meeting obstacles head on and never losing sight of the ultimate object."

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