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Continuing the Cycle of Service

Raised by a single mother of three, Rachael Gilbert knew she would carry the burden of paying for college herself.

Scholarships seemed out of reach, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So Rachael made the classic mistake of hitting the maximum amount of loans her freshman year.

"I received unbelievable amounts of criticism for putting myself in this instant school debt," Rachael recalled. "When people don't know what it's like not to have money, they are easily critical of my decision."

As her first year at Baylor was coming to an end, Rachael feared she was out of luck and would have to hang her green and gold hat. She told a friend about her financial dilemma and expressed her profound sadness that she might not be able to return to Baylor.

The following day, the same friend handed her a business card with a financial aid advisor's name and said he would be expecting Rachael's call.

Tears of joy and relief filled Rachael's eyes when the advisor told her that friends and faculty had informed him about her situation and that Baylor would provide a way for her to stay.

"Before I came to Baylor, I knew I was lucky to be here, and in order to stay, I was going to have to prove myself," Rachael said determinedly.

She informed herself about the organizations on campus--one caught her eye in particular. Members of Student Foundation were responsible for helping recruit qualified students and raising scholarship funds. What better way to show her adoration and gratitude for Baylor than helping other students become Baylor Bears

By continuing to serve as others had served her, Rachael received more than an education from Baylor.

"While at Baylor, I have found a home," she said. "I have found lasting relationships. I have found my faith."

Extraordinary Stories are unfolding at Baylor.

Set in motion before students ever set foot on our campus, their stories continue wherever their feet carry them. Write your own chapter in the life of a remarkable student like Rachael. Baylor graduates are changing the world. And every gift, no matter the size, helps them get there. Make your gift today.