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Finding a Way

Born into a family of seven, KC Onyekanne is no stranger to sharing.

Although they knew it wouldn't be easy, his parents came from Nigeria to the United States in hopes of making a brighter future for their children. His parents worked two jobs each and fervently stressed the importance of a good education.

"I was raised to always have school as one of my top priorities--because education led to opportunity," KC said.

Throughout high school, KC was a strong student and used his height and discipline to play varsity basketball. While he didn't dream of playing basketball forever, he knew it could be his chance to get into a good college.

Discouraged by the looming financial burden his parents would have to take on, KC applied to schools, like Baylor, with no real intention of going. But things changed when he received an additional surprise with his admissions letter from Baylor. It was like finding the golden ticket in a chocolate bar--KC had been awarded the Provost's Gold Scholarship. His parent's couldn't have been prouder.

Sadly, KC knew this wasn't enough, and he would have to find more financial help if he was going to attend the school he now had his hopes on. Like many, he took a summer job in hopes of saving money and relentlessly applied for outside scholarships.

"After all my scholarships, I was paying approximately $10,000 out-of-pocket, but my parents could only help to a certain point because of my siblings and extended family," KC recalls.

KC fell in love with Baylor his freshman year and was pleasantly surprised to find all his hard work had paid off. He grew so fond of the campus and all the friends he had made, that he considered becoming a community leader in his residence hall.

Yet again it seemed as if KC had won the lottery without even buying a ticket! The position came with a stipend, room and board and a meal plan. It was a joyous moment for his family and a huge relief for his parents.

"Instantly--by the strength and provision of the Lord alone--I was able to take the financial burden off my parents," KC said, reliving the defining moment.

With his future at Baylor secure for the next two years, KC continued to impact hundreds of residents on a weekly basis as a community leader. Fueled by the opportunity he had been given and all the help he had received, he strove to be as involved on campus and as successful academically as possible.

"The academic, social and spiritual progressions I have made are definitely a result of me being able to stay at Baylor."

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