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Serving by Leading

Anyone who looks at Katie Jo Baumgardner's resume can see that she is a dedicated young woman with extraordinary experiences in justice, leadership and law.

What may not be so obvious, at first, is her heart for service.

"One of the things that differentiates student leaders at Baylor from students at other college campuses is a universal belief that leadership is rooted in service to others," Katie said.

Service is one thing that shaped Katie's college experience, and Baylor's commitment to service inspired her to live a life of leadership in service to others.

Katie took service to a personal level by running for Student Senate where she was able to advocate on behalf of her student body. But Katie's passion for service and leadership didn't end there.

In the spring of her junior year, Katie was able to see the cherry blossoms bloom in the nation's capitol as she joined fellow students in lobbying to make college affordable for everyone. Her service and leadership will have a long-lasting effect on Baylor students to come.

"There is a sense of maturity, integrity and self-assurance, grounded in strong Christian faith, that lends itself to the cultivation of leadership among the students of Baylor University," Katie said.

Along with service and leadership, Katie holds a special place in her heart for her faith. "During my time at Baylor, Micah 6:8 has been the verse that has guided me most in a spiritual journey toward my vocational calling," Katie recalls.

Katie often looked to this verse: "He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God," for encouragement and spiritual strength.

This was especially true as she was working for the Waco District Attorney's office. It was that experience that touched Katie the most. Contacting victims, accompanying them to court and explaining the trial process gave her the profound and personal meaning of the word justice. Most of the cases involved juvenile offenders who had simply made a wrong choice at one point.

"I aspire to a life of service to my Lord and to touch the lives of young people by living out His Word."

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