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Welcome to the Family

Four precious children, all decked-out in Baylor gear and smiling broadly. "They don't know anything but Baylor," Danny Bowlin said as he displayed the image on his iPhone. A proud grandfather? Absolutely. And grandpa is grooming these little ones to follow in the family footsteps.

Danny (BBA '69) and his wife, Marsha (BA '70), are Baylor University alums; Marsha's parents were proud Bears; and their two children, Sarah (BSED '96) and Mark (BA '01), and daughter-in-law Stephanie (BSED '01) all graduated from Baylor.

Make no mistake. The Bowlins are a Baylor family.

The retired CFO of Hunt Petroleum in Dallas, Danny said of his Hankamer School of Business education: "It was something that helped me tremendously." And he witnessed the same in other Baylor business school graduates. As a recruiter for Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co (now KPMG) in the early '80s, Danny often visited Hankamer and was consistently impressed with Baylor hires. "They were some of our best people," he noted.

Similarly, Marsha places great confidence in Baylor's School of Education, drawing from personal experience as a Baylor-educated teacher and as a mother. "I remember when our kids were in school and how important it was to have good teachers," she reflected. And Baylor, she believes, is a place that prepares those teachers.

So, it is only fitting that Danny and Marsha have chosen to honor their family's tradition by making it possible for others to join the Baylor family. Right now, students impacted by the Bowlin's endowed scholarship funds are preparing for careers in seminary, business and education, in addition to many alumni who already have moved beyond Baylor to begin careers and fulfill their calling.

"The main thing we want to do is prepare people to go out and make a living and have an effect on the world," Danny shared.

Starting with two endowed scholarship funds to honor both sets of parents, who were Baptist ministers, the Bowlins have helped ease the financial burden for students of Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

Then, reflecting on their own experiences--and inspired by a daughter and daughter-in-law who put their Baylor educations to use as elementary school teachers ("the kind of teachers I want my grandkids to have," Danny commented)--the Bowlins established two more scholarship funds in business and education.

Most recently, they added three more endowed athletic scholarships benefitting Baylor Football and Men's and Women's Basketball.

"Giving to endowed scholarships is a great way to support Baylor," Danny said. "Because you are supporting the people who make Baylor what it is."

Yes, Danny and Marsha went to Baylor. So did their kids. And perhaps, one day, those four smiling tots will don their green and gold as Baylor students. But today, students scattered across Baylor's campus are here because of the Bowlins, because they are a Baylor family. And through the gift of scholarships, they are inviting many more to join them.

Extraordinary Stories are unfolding at Baylor.

Set in motion before students ever set foot on our campus, their stories continue wherever their feet carry them. Like Danny and Marsha Bowlin, you can write your own chapter in the life of a remarkable Baylor student. Baylor graduates are changing the world. And every gift, no matter the size, helps them get there.

Make your gift today.