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What drives Ben Phrampus? A host of potential for groundbreaking discoveries. Along the Texas coast, Ben, a Baylor senior, has found myriads of opportunity for intensive research. He dreams of uncovering storehouses of natural resources, hidden discreetly beneath the earth's mantle...and knows that with the tools Baylor has given him and a professor by his side, he might just succeed.

As part of a two-year research project, Ben periodically traverses from Johnson City to the Gulf of Mexico, anxious to discern how the rifting process could link to oil on land. Sponsored by Exxon Mobil and led by qualified professors, about 40 geology students not only benefit from direct experience in the field, but also have the chance to impact our nation by locating the precious resources we use every day. Each trip to review data holds exciting possibilities!

But beyond the thrill of new discoveries, Ben is propelled by the constant realization that he is actually getting a taste of life as a geophysicist. With every seismometer he installs and every geophone he situates on the project's refraction line, Ben is well aware that this hands-on experimentation as an undergraduate is a large part of what makes his Baylor education extraordinary.

"I'm getting an excellent education at Baylor," Ben said. "I didn't realize how much better the education is until I actually did summer school at other colleges. Baylor is preparing me for anything I will experience outside of Baylor in my career."

"We are digging holes, setting up seismometers and recording data," he explained. "I'm going through the entire process that geophysicists might go through when they are doing this type of project in the industry."

Ben calibrates the broadband seismometers and other complex equipment to gauge even the tiniest motion, such as someone tapping their foot nearby, to develop a full picture of the seismic activity at the site. Using physical techniques such as electricity, magnetism and acoustic waves to study the earth, Ben relishes his future™believing trial efforts, just like these, will be precursors to scientific breakthroughs.

"I envision applying this knowledge and practice to alternative energies and helping pioneer geothermal energies," Ben mused. "Or I could travel across the world doing geophysics."

With noteworthy career aspirations and the intent to solidify his education even further through graduate school, Ben lives for excellence. He came to Baylor with a hunger for knowledge and a passion about geophysics that was only matched by the fear he wouldn't be able to stay. Faced by the increasing costs of education and the financial struggles in his own family, graduating from Baylor seemed an unattainable goal.

At the last moment, Ben's dedication paid off. His ambition and need earned him the scholarship support that immediately made his future accessible. "I would not be at Baylor without scholarships," Ben said. "When people give, they are truly making a difference in someone's life. It is changing things!"

Overwhelmed by gratitude, Ben presses on toward his future with full resolve that his life will uncover the earth's mysteries and champion breakthroughs.

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