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Attracting the best and brightest to a distinctive Baylor experience is of the utmost importance, and the escalating costs of higher education are making it more and more difficult for families to afford a quality educational experience. As the president calls on the Baylor family to respond to the great need within our Baylor student body, there are many ways you can support scholarships. The President's Scholarship Initiative, a $100 million, 3-year initiative, is the first step in responding to the great need within Baylor's student body.

Initiative Priorities

Four areas of greatest need have been highlighted by the University:

  • University Scholarships (Primarily Need-based): Providing broad, need-based scholarships allows Baylor to recruit and retain exceptional students who otherwise would not have access to a Baylor education.
  • Study Abroad and Missions Scholarships: Educating students to understand global issues is as important as ever, and international study experiences are critical to a holistic education. In addition to study abroad programs, Baylor is the home of distinctive discipline-specific missions opportunities that allow students to serve other populations while incorporating skills relative to coursework and their area of study. Scholarships will support students choosing to participate in study abroad or discipline-specific mission trips.
  • Leadership Endowed Scholarships: Baylor plans to introduce a prestigious program that will help in recruiting and recognizing exceptional students across all fields of study. Candidates will participate in a rigorous application and interview process before being selected to receive the Leadership Scholarship, which will offer opportunities such as full tuition, room and board; enrichment such as a study abroad stipend; and engagement with the president, campus executives and their scholarship donors at various University events.
  • Athletics Endowed Scholarships: Providing student-athlete scholarships and recruiting top student-athletes is imperative to Baylor's position as a Division I school.

By building these four key areas, we will be able to recruit to Baylor some of the best and brightest, provide access to those with need, attract the most talented student-athletes and extend opportunities for students who can benefit from academic enrichment opportunities beyond the borders of Baylor's campus in Waco.

We understand that there are countless ways you can support the University and her students, although we ask you, now, to come together and support The President's Scholarship Initiative.

To learn more about how you can support scholarships at Baylor or create your own named scholarship, please contact the Office of University Development at (254)710-2561 or