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The President's Scholarship Initiative

The President's Scholarship Initiative
Steering Committee

The support and leadership of faithful alumni and friends is critical to the success of Baylor University. The University is grateful to these accomplished alumni and friends for their volunteer leadership for The President's Scholarship Initiative. New members are listed in green.

Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Marsha (BA '70) and Danny (BBA '69) Bowlin, Dallas, TX

Steering Committee Members

Joe (BBA '83, MBA '84) and Kelly (BBA '84) Armes, Dallas, TX
Babs Baugh ('64), San Antonio, TX
Bob and Laura Beauchamp, Houston, TX
John (BBA '81) and Meredith (BBA '82) Bentley, Scottsdale, AZ
Mark Bielstein (BBA '77), Darien, CT
Sadie Jo Black (BS '50), Waco, TX, In Memoriam
Bill (BA '74, JD '74) and Carol ( BA '73) Brian, Amarillo, TX
Ken (BA '69, DDS '73, PhD '96) and Celia Carlile, Marshall, TX
Stephen (BA '70, MSECO '72) and Lorie Carmack, Oklahoma City, OK
Ed (BBA '73) and Denise Crenshaw, Lakeland, FL
David (BA '94) and Dinah Cummings, San Angelo, TX
Kate Dimmitt (BBA '56), Temple, TX
Gary and Molli (BS '75) Elliston, Dallas, TX
Ted (BBA '49, JD '51) and Sue (BA '50) Getterman, Waco, TX
David (BBA '78, JD '81) and Karyn ('80) Hill, Henderson, TX
Worth (BBA '95) and Stephanie Jackson, Longview, TX
Anita Jones (BA '61), Dallas, TX
Hope (MBA '97) and Kevin Koch, Temple, TX
Chris (BA '91, MBA '93) and Kristie (BSEd '95) Lipper, Frisco, TX
Fred and Nancy (BA '62) Logan, Waco, TX
Greg (BA '91, JD '94) and Beth Looser, Houston, TX
Hal (BA '56) and Allyne Machat, Brenham, TX
Doug and Harriet Maclay, Dallas, TX
Kathy Maxey, Chilton, TX
Drayton McLane, Jr. (BBA '58), Temple, TX
Bill (BBA '78, MBA '79) and Tanya Mearse, Houston, TX
Mark (BA '63) and Linda (BA '63) Murdock, Lubbock, TX
Robert (BBA '93) and Robin (BBA '93) Nitsche, Giddings, TX
Bob and Joyce (BA '52, MSEd '57) Packard, Waco, TX
Jamie (BBA '57) and Carol Parker, Marble Falls, TX
Brian Pennington (BS '84), Greenwich, CT
Russ and Betty Pilcher, Highlands Ranch, CO
Danny (BA '73) and Lenn Prince, Ruston, LA
Jeff (BBA '84) and Cindy (BBA '85) Reeter, Houston, TX
Harold (BBA '51) and Dottie Riley, Austin, TX
Bill (BA '52, LLB '54) and Mary Jo Robbins, Houston, TX
Randy (BBA '76) and Stacy (BBA '76) Sharp, Amarillo, TX
Joe (BBA '48) and Joan Spivey, Waco, TX
Ken and Alice Starr, Waco, TX
Phil (BA '73, JD '76) and Cheryl Stewart, La Jolla, CA
Grant and Donell Teaff, Waco, TX
Kirk and Carol Townsend, Houston, TX
Bill (BA '75, MBA '77) and Eva (BSEd '75) Williams, Dallas, TX
Richard (BBA '81, MBA '82) and Karen (BBA '85) Willis, Colleyville, TX
Ron (BA '71, MD '77) and Betty (BA '72) Wilson, Waco, TX
Charles (BA '55) and Mary Alice (BA '54) Wise, Gatesville, TX