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The President's Scholarship Initiative was launched by Baylor President Ken Starr in the fall of 2010 and challenged the Baylor Family to respond to the needs of Baylor students by raising $100 million in scholarship funds within a three-year period.

Inspired by concern from our students about the rising costs of higher education and the burden this places on their families and their futures, Judge Starr took action with this call to the Baylor Family to make scholarships a priority.

Thank you Baylor Nation

Through the generosity of more than 11,000 donors from across Baylor Nation, the President's Scholarship Initiative exceeded its ambitious goal by raising over $100 million in less than three years.

With the incredible support of Baylor Nation, the President's Scholarship Initiative is the first step in fulfilling an ongoing promise to Baylor students to help make the distinctive Baylor education accessible for those who are called to take their place in That Good Old Baylor Line.

Thank you to all who gave. Your support will keep the extraordinary stories of our distinctive Baylor students going strong.