When you support missions at Baylor, you provide an opportunity for hundreds of Baylor students to travel the globe each year, reaching out in the name of Christ to serve the "least of these." You help our students become the hands and feet of Jesus -- bringing healthcare to those in need, light where there was darkness and hope where there was none. When you give to missions, you equip students through hands-on experience, to use their talents to address the needs of our hurting world, and their lives are transformed.

Perhaps the impact of a gift to missions is illustrated best by one student's experience, posted on his blog during the Men's Choir trip to Kenya in the summer of 2013. Danny Huizinga writes:

"Today we returned to the AIC School, where we finished our painting and gutter projects. The school truly looks beautiful, and it was so uplifting seeing the girls' and teachers' happy faces.

We sang a full concert to them in the afternoon, and were quickly answered by all 700 girls singing songs of their own to us. A small group from the partnering school for disabled children sang a song for us as well. "Trust in Jesus," which we had learned at one point and sang for a procession in Baylor chapel a few semesters ago. It was amazing hearing the same song halfway across the world!

Music truly is a universal language, and through it we have been able to connect to so many people and bring joy to their faces. Whenever we have a meal, enjoy delicious Kenyan tea or paint a dorm, we celebrate the occasion by signing. It is so touching to see the difference music can make. We are all blown away by how closely we have connected to these people we have only been with for two days."

Because of those who give to missions, the future for many across the globe will be different. Our long-term goal is to see a growing number of students travel each year to experience another culture and be given an opportunity to use their academic interests to serve others. With the help of generous donors, this goal will become reality.