Baylor University Meritorious Achievement Awards

Recognizing that Baylor alumni and friends from all over the globe make significant contributions to society in many forms, the University is pleased to recognize outstanding alumni and friends who embody the mission of Baylor University.

Baylor Alumna/Alumnus of the Year & Baylor Young Alumna/Alumnus of the Year
The Baylor Alumna/Alumnus of the Year and Baylor Young Alumna/Alumnus of the Year are awarded annually to a graduate of Baylor University--age 40 or under for the Young Alumna/ Alumnus Award--who has demonstrated remarkable achievement in the previous year. While consideration for the award is not based solely upon the individual's contribution to the University, contributions to the prestige and betterment of Baylor University bear a fitting weight in the selection process. Each medal is presented to alumni who have demonstrated exceptional achievement and rising or established leadership.

Baylor Medals of Service
Baylor Medal of Service Awards are designated to honor men and women whose extraordinary servant leadership embody the mission of Baylor University. Not awarded annually, presentation of each distinct honor is reserved for a time when it is uniquely merited. Recipients of the awards are presented with the medals at the fall Board of Regents Dinner and honorees are invited to be the special guests at several events during Baylor's Homecoming celebration.

The Pro Ecclesia Medal of Service is awarded to an individual whose broad contributions to Christian ministry have made an immeasurable impact upon a local or global community. Acknowledging Baylor University's unique position among institutions of higher learning because of the value placed on intellectually informed faith and religiously informed education, the award is presented in recognition of significant contributions to Christian ministry and leading others by example in compassionate, global-minded leadership and service.

The Pro Texana Medal of Service is awarded to an individual whose contributions in furthering the mission of Baylor University in the public or non-profit sector have made an immeasurable impact. Acknowledging that integral to Baylor's and the recipient's commitment to God and the church is the commitment to society, this medal is presented in recognition of significant contributions to the prestige of Baylor University and the betterment of society through exceptional leadership and service in the realm of civic life.

The Baylor University Legacy Award is presented to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary philanthropy to Baylor University or to causes that fit our mission as a Christian university. Honorees receive a medallion bearing the likeness of former Baylor President Samuel Palmer Brooks, chosen as a symbol for the Baylor University Legacy Award because of his relentless passion and effort toward the growth, financial strength, and national reputation of this institution which he so loved. This honor is presented for extraordinary service in philanthropy, furthering the mission and legacy of Baylor University.