Luke Carroll

Scholarship Makes it Happen

Without scholarship support, a Baylor education would not be possible for medical humanities major Luke Carroll, recipient of the Robert D. Riley Endowed Scholarship. Luke Carroll

"Scholarships really put you at ease, knowing you're taken care of," Luke said. "Without them, not only would you be working to scrape up money to pay your tuition, you"d be stressed out and your grades might suffer. For whatever reason our donors gave, they did a good thing. They made everything possible, especially with an education from Baylor."

Aspiring Big to Help Families Like His Own

In 2005, Luke's mom was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer. With no traditional treatment options available, the Carrolls pursued alternative medicine without insurance support. Despite their best efforts, the disease was simply too advanced, and she succumbed to the cancer only three months later.

As the family dealt with the stresses of illness and stretched finances, Luke decided to pursue a Baylor education and a career in neurology so that he could help families like his own.

"Luke is incredible in school, and he wouldn't be getting the absolute best if he had to go to another university," Luke's sister, Bethany, an outdoor recreation major, noted. "It's incredible to see what college students can do. Anybody can potentially find the cure for cancer, and you want that person to have a great education or it won't happen."

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