Student Life

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The mission of Student Life is to enrich the Baylor experience through life changing programs and services resulting in an integrated education known for leadership, service, Christian faith, and the total development of students.

From the moment students begin their journey at Baylor with new student Orientation to the Ring Out ceremony before graduation, Student Life is committed to ensuring that students graduate from Baylor with the best education possible and with experience in life itself.

Funding Priorities:

  • Student Life Excellence Fund -- The Student Life Excellence Fund supports students traveling to conferences, such as the National Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values; helps student organizations to create innovative campus programs, like Men of Valor's Holy Hip Hop event; provides resources for staff members in Student Life to present at national conferences; and allows for facility updates, such as Traditions Lounge in the McLane Student Life Center, that are not covered in budget allocations.
    (Goal: $10,000 per year)

  • Missions Endowment -- Funds earned from the missions endowment allow students who lack the support of local churches to have the transformative experience of international missions. (Goal: $1,000,000)

  • Endowed Scholarship Funds -- Baylor has several endowed scholarship funds named in honor of people who served in Student Life, such as A. A. and Marjorie Hyden, Virginia Crump, W. C. Perry, Bill and Argye Hillis, Martha Lou Scott, and Dub Oliver. A number of student organizations also have endowed scholarship funds. The scholarships, which can be for general merit and need or designated for students involved in leadership, community service or other activities, benefit Student Life indirectly by allowing deserving and involved students the opportunity to learn at Baylor.

  • Outreach Counseling and Programs -- Outreach efforts have proven helpful in educating students before problems arise. Funding would be utilized to support mental health outreach activities such as Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Depression Awareness Week, and Alcohol Awareness Week. (Goal: $10,000 per year)

  • Community Service -- Baylor students learn to be active citizens as they average a total of 200,000 hours of community service per year. An endowment fund would underwrite community impact programs such as Santa's Workshop, Baylor Buddies and Steppin' Out.

  • Baylor Line Camps -- Students who participate in a Baylor Line Camp praise the experience as transformational. However, the cost to attend, approximately $225, has been prohibitive for many students; broad participation has been slow to materialize as a result. A philanthropic gift would be used to lower the cost to attend a Baylor Line Camp for all students or provide full scholarships for those unable to pay to attend. (Goal: $11,250)

For more information about making a gift to Student Life, please contact the Office of University Development or call our office at (254) 710-2561 or

1-800-229-5677, option 4

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