Annual Giving

FY11--Alumni Participation Header

Annual Giving allows you to support any area of the university, while addressing the needs at the heart of the Baylor experience. From student scholarships to library resources to cutting edge technology and student life, your support builds Baylor University and empowers Baylor students to reach their potential in their chosen fields of study.

Since the university's founding, Baylor has relied on the consistent support of alumni and friends to provide the best possible programs for our students. Most annual gifts support current expenses and help narrow the gap between operating cost and tuition costs.

When you believe in Baylor, it just makes sense to give back.

Every single gift from Baylor alumni, whether $20 or $2,000 or more, counts toward alumni participation rates, which indicate that Baylor alumni value their education and want to share the Baylor experience with future Bears.

Your annual gift to Baylor University:

  • Enhances our reputation--National publications, such as U.S. News, consider alumni participation rates when compiling national rankings of all universities.
  • Signifies quality--When foundations and corporations award grants, alumni participation is an indicator of the quality of the institution.
  • Generates camaraderie--Each gift to Baylor University strengthens the ties of the Baylor family as we unite to provide for the next generation.
  • Enriches the Baylor experience--Every gift, regardless of size, combines to make an immeasurable impact on the academic distinction and opportunity at Baylor.

Your gift makes a difference in the future of Baylor University. Show your support today.