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10,000 fans attend RI's Newport Folk Festival 7/31/2011
United DC-Cancun flight diverted to Cuba by odor 7/31/2011
Small-market teams turn buyers at trade deadline 7/31/2011
Report: HSBC plans to announce 10,000 job cuts 7/31/2011
Deal or no deal? Markets bracing for Monday 7/31/2011
Verlander flirts with no-hitter, Tigers top Angels 7/31/2011
Kings of Leon vow to redo 'too hot' Dallas show 7/31/2011
W. Soccer. Incoming Freshman Wins National Title 7/31/2011
Arab unrest, high food prices cast pall on Ramadan 7/31/2011
In debt drama, voters play key, if overlooked role 7/31/2011
States ponder: What happens when the money stops? 7/31/2011
AP Exclusive: Insanity ruling not likely in Norway 7/31/2011
Jets reach agreement in principle with Burress 7/31/2011
White House: No debt deal yet with Republicans 7/31/2011
Police: 4 shot after George Clinton concert 7/31/2011
Police: Planes collide over Alaska, 4 dead 7/31/2011
7 dead in attack in troubled NW China 7/31/2011
Documentary on Children’s Medical in Dallas to feature Baylor alum 7/31/2011
Mystery surrounds loss of records, art on 9/11 7/30/2011
NFL, NFLPA working on final details of new CBA 7/30/2011
Colts re-sign Manning to long-term deal 7/30/2011
Businesses play critical role in thwarting terror 7/30/2011
On tea party bandwagon, DeMint in driver's seat 7/30/2011
What led to `Project Gunwalker'? 7/30/2011
Norway gunman's tale diverges sharply from reality 7/30/2011
Bush to be in NYC to mark 10th anniversary of 9/11 7/30/2011
Jet from New York crashes in Guyana; no deaths 7/30/2011
Asomugha signing biggest of Eagles' bold moves 7/30/2011
Tim Pawlenty aims for strong showing in Iowa 7/30/2011
AP Exclusive: Ouattara: no knowledge of massacre 7/30/2011
Budget, debt worries plague troops 7/30/2011
Boehner, Obama relationship tested in debt fight 7/30/2011
Disappearance of 'heroic' deputy hits Wyoming town 7/30/2011
US review finds Iraq deadlier now than a year ago 7/29/2011
Tropical storm teases parched Texas, but fizzles 7/29/2011
Perry stresses personal opposition to gay marriage 7/29/2011
Recession risks up amid slow growth, debt standoff 7/29/2011
Somali man recalls horrors of fleeing famine 7/29/2011
Judge orders release of Nixon Watergate testimony 7/29/2011
President announces deal to boost fuel economy 7/29/2011
M. Basketball. 2011-12 Baylor Basketball Preseason Prospectus 7/29/2011
Nurse struggles to save starving Somali children 7/29/2011
APNewsBreak: Rosa Parks essay reveals rape attempt 7/29/2011
Struggling with debt, Congress talks defense cuts 7/29/2011
AWOL soldier condemned '09 Fort Hood shootings 7/29/2011
It's back to work for Tiger Woods 7/29/2011
'Horrid Henry' book series get film treatment 7/29/2011
Baptist Standard: HSU, Baylor named as great workplaces 7/29/2011
Beeville Bee-Picayune: Children's home CEO leaving for Round Rock 7/29/2011
Dagen (Sweden): So change it to read the Bible 7/29/2011
First Things: The Erotic Theology of Mad Men 7/29/2011
Indianapolis Star: Church should get behind bars 7/29/2011
July 2011 To-Do List 7/29/2011
KCEN-TV: Terrorism and Islamic experts on foiled terror plot 7/29/2011
Salem Radio Network News: 3 Baptist colleges named best workplaces 7/29/2011
16 killed in Ukraine mine blast 7/28/2011
Delaware man executed for woman's 1992 ax slaying 7/28/2011
Huntsman: 'Conservation is conservative' 7/28/2011
NYPD pioneers new dirty bomb detection system 7/28/2011
Patriots get WR Ochocinco in trade with Bengals 7/28/2011
Sharpton: Debt fight about 'your mama,' not Obama 7/28/2011
Former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu found dead 7/28/2011
J&J cuts maximum Tylenol dose to prevent overdoses 7/28/2011
Bachmann says she, not husband, running for office 7/28/2011
Football. Win an iPad2 With 'Where in Waco is RG3' Promo 7/28/2011
Army: AWOL soldier admits to Fort Hood attack plan 7/28/2011
APNewsBreak: Arctic scientist under investigation 7/28/2011
US accuses Iran of 'secret deal' with al-Qaida 7/28/2011
AP Source: Dolphins trade for Reggie Bush 7/28/2011
Nev. couple return to Fla. church for suicide pact 7/28/2011
NJ gov. in hospital, but 'fine and in charge' 7/28/2011
Mets complete Beltran trade to Giants 7/28/2011
Modern debutantes: Car repair and ball gowns 7/28/2011
Rural America worried about post office closings 7/28/2011
Egypt's Mubarak to be brought to Cairo for trial 7/28/2011
JetBlue offers new unlimited flight package 7/28/2011
Colo. panel reviewing school discipline policies 7/28/2011
Mariners use 17 hits to end 17-game losing streak 7/28/2011
Gov't: Health tab to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020 7/28/2011
Crowd clashes with LA police outside film premiere 7/28/2011
Spec ops chief warns of al-Qaida 2.0 7/28/2011
Baylor named a 'Best Buy' for sixth straight year 7/28/2011
Baylor University a 'Best Buy' in New Fiske Guide to Colleges 7/28/2011
Baylor's Delta Epsilon Iota Chapter Receives National Recognition 7/28/2011
Demand for Baylor football season tickets and tailgating spots at record levels 7/28/2011
The Medical News: ADHD severity impacts child's health-related quality of life 7/28/2011
UPI: Severe ADHD lowers child quality of life 7/28/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: 10 local students' civic artwork on display at Waco City Hall 7/28/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: Ex-Baylor backcourt mates Dunn, Carter reunited on Israel team 7/28/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: Keeping kids fit, healthy as they go back to school 7/28/2011
Pesci sues over Gotti biopic role; claims disputed 7/27/2011
Jeopardy! host injured after chasing burglar in SF 7/27/2011
Girl gets charity wish met after death in crash 7/27/2011
Rural US disappearing? Population share hits low 7/27/2011
FBI joins search for girl missing from NH town 7/27/2011
Fear over debt fight hits Wall St.; Dow loses 198 7/27/2011
Police: Body of Ill. girl killed in 1957 exhumed 7/27/2011
Lawmaker apologizes for email opposing debt plan 7/27/2011
States brace for grad rate dips as formula changes 7/27/2011
Cardinals trade Rasmus for pitchers Jackson, Dotel 7/27/2011
Ervin Santana pitches no-hitter for Angels 7/27/2011
Democrats say Obama should invoke 14th Amendment 7/27/2011
Famed fossil isn't a bird after all, analysis says 7/27/2011
Scotland Yard: We've arrested LulzSec spokesman 7/27/2011
Lucas loses UK battle over stormtrooper helmets 7/27/2011
UK recognizes Libyan rebels, expels Gadhafi envoys 7/27/2011
Analysis: Another sex scandal last thing DC needs 7/27/2011
For some, hypnosis eases pain, recovery of surgery 7/27/2011
FAA stats show fewer pilots break airspace rules 7/27/2011
Few concrete savings in debt and budget plans 7/27/2011
Conservative leader takes fight to his own party 7/27/2011
Braves beat Pirates 4-3 in 19 innings 7/27/2011
Baylor Law School to Hold Commencement Ceremony July 30 7/27/2011
Bleacher Report: College Football Preseason Power Rankings: LSU Tigers Take the No. 1 Spot 7/27/2011
Cypress Times: Gov. Perry Appoints Youngblood As Judge Of The 20th Judicial District Court 7/27/2011
eBioNews: Study finds some desert birds less affected by wildfires and climate change 7/27/2011
EURweb: Bible Reading Leading Open Mindedness 7/27/2011
Graduate thesis suggests regular Bible reading may increase support for social justice, openness to science 7/27/2011 Good management, not just money, leads to innovative discoveries 7/27/2011
PsychCentral: ADHD Severity Impacts Quality of Life for Child, Family 7/27/2011
The Washington Examiner: Obama's TV blitz risks overexposure, experts say 7/27/2011
Woman's Radio, Keeping Up with Gen Y: Last Harry Potter End of an Era 7/27/2011
South Korea landslide leaves 12 dead, 2 missing 7/26/2011
Mexico judge sentences teenage assassin to 3 years 7/26/2011
Police: Freestyle Olympic skier kills self in Utah 7/26/2011
McDonald's: Apple slices in every Happy Meal 7/26/2011
NFL's free-agent frenzy: wild times in NFL 7/26/2011
Gay couple asked to reverse shirt at Dollywood 7/26/2011
Deal or no deal? US downgrade looking likely 7/26/2011
Norway police slammed for slow response to rampage 7/26/2011
Mystery Utah inmate identified as missing NM man 7/26/2011
Perry's Texas has jobs, but also good luck 7/26/2011
Recusal policy reveals oil industry-gov't ties 7/26/2011
Israeli housing protests evolve into major crisis 7/26/2011
Calif. man attempts self-surgery with butter knife 7/26/2011
Ga. mom gets probation in son's jaywalking death 7/26/2011
Ohio health care question cleared for fall ballot 7/26/2011
Report: 78 dead in Morocco military plane crash 7/26/2011
Wal-Mart offers video streaming on website 7/26/2011
Phelps loses 200 free again _ to teammate Lochte 7/26/2011
Invisible wounds of war: There's an app for that? 7/26/2011
Post office ponders closing 1 in 10 retail outlets 7/26/2011
Top 4 in Congress not so fab on debt deal _ yet 7/26/2011
Norway rampage culprit held in isolation 7/26/2011
103-year-old former LBJ aide at long last shares her stories 7/26/2011
Baptist press: Bible reading changes views of conservatives & liberals, study says 7/26/2011
Baylor University Named Among Great Colleges to Work For 2011 7/26/2011
Courier Post: Social Security payments would fall with new inflation gauge 7/26/2011
Dallas Morning News: Art Briles: As for defense, Baylor's Phil Bennett has seen it all 7/26/2011
Dallas Morning News: Ex-SMU coach Phil Bennett gives Baylor confidence as new defensive boss 7/26/2011
Study Finds Quality of Life for Children with ADHD and Their Families Worsens With Greater Disease Severity 7/26/2011 (Stuart, FL): Coalition forms to battle growing hunger problem on Treasure Coast 7/26/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: Briles recalls Bears' trials to reach bowl 7/26/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: 'Crack rentals' an all-too-familiar drug problem for Waco police 7/26/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: TriWaco draws several hundred triathletes 7/26/2011
Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities 7/25/2011
Football. Big 12 Media Day: Art Briles Quotes and Video 7/25/2011
$1M-plus Chinese cups tops for 'Antiques Roadshow' 7/25/2011
Pawlenty says Bachmann gets her facts on him wrong 7/25/2011
AP-GfK Poll: Worries about debt rising once again 7/25/2011
Pelosi calls for ethics probe into Wu sex report 7/25/2011
SAfrican man wakes after 21 hours in morgue fridge 7/25/2011
UAW wants bigger cut of Detroit's newfound profits 7/25/2011
M. Tennis. Men's Tennis Named an All-Academic Team 7/25/2011
NKorea food shortage worst in years despite farms 7/25/2011
Vatican recalls envoy to Ireland amid abuse uproar 7/25/2011
Drug prices to plummet in wave of expiring patents 7/25/2011 Finding Angel Halos within Higher Education 7/25/2011
Austin American-Statesman: Achievements: Four from same troop earn Eagle Scout rank 7/25/2011
Baylor Physicists Announce Research Results at Europe's Premiere Particle Physics Conference 7/25/2011
Houston Chronicle: The factor of faith in crime reduction 7/25/2011
Incoming freshman explains why she turned down Harvard, Duke and Rice for Baylor 7/25/2011
KWTX-TV: BU To Build Indoor Tennis Practice Facility 7/25/2011
The Salt Lake Tribune: Jeffs trial: 'It's time for everything to come out' 7/25/2011 Does Reading the Bible Daily Really Increase Your Interest in 'Social Justice'? 7/25/2011
USA TODAY: Social Security payments would fall with new inflation gauge 7/25/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor regents raise tuition 6.5 percent, tout increased scholarships 7/25/2011
New credit card aims to minimize 'gotchas' 7/24/2011
Teens mauled by grizzly in Alaska 7/24/2011
Alomar, Blyleven and Gillick enter Baseball HOF 7/24/2011
Maid speaks out about alleged DSK hotel attack 7/24/2011
Anti-gay marriage rallies as NY ceremonies begin 7/24/2011
Quaids claim corruption keeping them in Canada 7/24/2011
Football. Football Headed to Dallas for 2011 Big 12 Media Days 7/24/2011
Bottled water poses dilemma for Vermont offices 7/24/2011
In Jerusalem, a 2,000-year-old bell rings again 7/24/2011
New Jersey's Christie casts shadow over Iowa, 2012 7/24/2011
US invites top NKorean official for nuclear talks 7/24/2011
Winehouse among music talents gone too soon 7/24/2011
Clinton: South China Sea disputes need urgent work 7/24/2011
Gunman kills self, 5 others at Texas roller rink 7/23/2011
Retired Army Gen. John Shalikashvili dies 7/23/2011
AP Enterprise: Lowball gas drill leases haunt Pa. 7/23/2011
Police: Singer Amy Winehouse dies 7/23/2011
Flyers won't benefit from expired travel taxes 7/23/2011
Congressman says sex allegations 'very serious' 7/23/2011
Chinese state media say 11 dead in train accident 7/23/2011
Reagan looms over debt debate inspiring both sides 7/23/2011
Probe of fatal NY bus crash looks at speed, timing 7/23/2011
Ex-Democratic Party Chairman Charles Manatt dies 7/23/2011
Walter Reed to close after more than a century 7/23/2011
Amid war, life goes on in Libyan capital 7/23/2011
Britain: who else hacked phones? 7/23/2011
White House shifts in unpredictable debt debate 7/23/2011
Gunman's background puzzles police in Norway 7/23/2011
New webmaster Garfield: Spidey's always in style 7/22/2011
Former South Vietnam leader Nguyen Cao Ky dies 7/22/2011
Crowd welcomes home, thanks final shuttle crew 7/22/2011
As NFL lockout drags on, who's the bad guy? 7/22/2011
Shatner gives fans a peek at his `Captains' flick 7/22/2011
Beavis & Butt-head return to MTV feisty as ever 7/22/2011
M. Tennis. BU Announces Lead Gift for New Indoor Tennis Facility 7/22/2011
W. Tennis. Baylor Announces Lead Gift for New Indoor Tennis Facility 7/22/2011
M. Tennis. Tennis Center to be Renamed in Honor of Hurd Family 7/22/2011
W. Tennis. Tennis Center to be Renamed in Honor of Hurd Family 7/22/2011
Softball. Canion Picks Up Win For USA 7/22/2011
Explosion in Oslo damages buildings 7/22/2011
Both Koreas to work toward resuming nuclear talks 7/22/2011
'Twilight' closer Condon doesn't fear critics 7/22/2011
Georgia's videotaped execution sets new precedent 7/22/2011
Debt debate reverberates in state governments 7/22/2011
Gay NY couples buck tradition in pre-knot bashes 7/22/2011
Drunken driving, traffic crime deportations way up 7/22/2011
Asian nations move to calm tensions, US commends 7/22/2011
Baylor alum named chair of Texas State Board of Education 7/22/2011
Baylor Regents Set 2012-2013 Tuition/Fees, Also Approve Construction of the Jim and Nell Hawkins Indoor Tennis Center, Renovations to the Hurd Tennis Center 7/22/2011
Killeen Daily Herald: Museum director's love of history led her to Belton 7/22/2011
KRLD: The Dangers of Eating Raw Eggs 7/22/2011
News Blaze: Some Desert Birds Less Affected By Wildfires and Climate Change 7/22/2011
Technology Transfer Tactics: Study: Organizational climate drives commercialization of university research discoveries 7/22/2011
Three Baylor University Graduates Win Highly Competitive Lilly Fellowships 7/22/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor basketball schedule includes Sweet 16 teams 7/22/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor students helping spread the word about free summer meal sites 7/22/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Hawkins donation helping Baylor build $7 million indoor tennis facility 7/22/2011
YouTube to stream Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits 7/21/2011
British realist painter Lucian Freud dies at 88 7/21/2011
'Twilight' co-stars surprise fans at Comic-Con 7/21/2011
States cut programs to help poor cool their homes 7/21/2011
'Star Wars'-themed Xbox 360 unleashed at Comic-Con 7/21/2011
Alzheimer's debate: Test if you can't treat it? 7/21/2011
10 dead in Malawi anti-government demonstrations 7/21/2011
Analysts: Somali war helped turn drought to famine 7/21/2011
Terror site's Sydney Opera House pic prompts alert 7/21/2011
Entire Apple stores being faked in China 7/21/2011
In heat wave, wintry states wish for some December 7/21/2011
Trying to save troops' lives with flying hospital 7/21/2011
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Generation Harry 7/21/2011
Baylor Opera alum featured on 'A Prairie Home Companion' 7/21/2011
Business Management Daily: 1-Minute Strategies 7/21/2011
M. Basketball. MBB Releases 2011-12 Non-Conference Schedule 7/21/2011
M. Basketball. MBB to Appear Twice on ESPN Big Monday in 2012 7/21/2011
Round Rock Leader: Roberson to succeed Bradley as president and CEO of Children At Heart Ministries 7/21/2011
Science Daily: Some Desert Birds Less Affected by Wildfires and Climate Change 7/21/2011
U.S. Ag Net: Beware of Bogus Internet Claims Stating Raw Eggs Are Safe 7/21/2011
WBAP-AM: Reading Bible tied to social justice issues 7/21/2011
Katy Perry notches 9 MTV VMA Award nominations 7/20/2011
Kim Kardashian sues Old Navy over lookalike in ads 7/20/2011
Jet-lag doesn't spoil Wambach homecoming 7/20/2011
Al-Qaida plans cartoon recruiting film for kids 7/20/2011
Future of spaceflight? NASA is outsourcing the job 7/20/2011
Actor Daniel Baldwin's wife gets 10 days in jail 7/20/2011
Authorities: 3 swept over waterfall presumed dead 7/20/2011
M. Golf. Mikkelsen, Scotto Named All-America Scholars 7/20/2011
Softball. Canion and Team USA To Begin World Cup 7/20/2011
Football. Football Picked Sixth in Big 12 Media Poll 7/20/2011
Somalis dying in world's worst famine in 20 years 7/20/2011
Singer R. Kelly has emergency surgery on tonsil 7/20/2011
M. Basketball. MBB to Release Non-Conference Slate Via Social Media 7/20/2011
Football. RG3 Nominated to Allstate AFCA Good Works Team 7/20/2011
M. Basketball. Men's Hoops to Play in 2011 Las Vegas Classic 7/20/2011
Heat 'dome' traps much of US in pressure cooker 7/20/2011
American orders 460 new planes from Boeing, Airbus 7/20/2011
SKorean students ditch paper for digital books 7/20/2011
Serbia arrests last war crimes fugitive Hadzic 7/20/2011
Chinese great Yao Ming retires from basketball 7/20/2011
Borders end to have ripple effect across country 7/20/2011
Boehner seeks magic 217 in debt-ceiling showdown 7/20/2011
Iowa GOP straw poll means more to some than others 7/20/2011
Progress is seen on a blood test for Alzheimer's 7/20/2011
'Rise Up' video spots named best in the country 7/20/2011
Baylor Mourns Death of Dean Emeritus of School of Education 7/20/2011
BeliefNet: Baylor researcher: Want to be more concerned about poverty, ecology, human rights? 7/20/2011
Corsicana Daily Sun: Along for the journey 7/20/2011
Football. Football Unveils New Uniforms 7/20/2011
Indianapolis Recorder: Actually, that's not in the Bible 7/20/2011
Mansfield News-Mirror: Best Maid roots go deep in Mansfield 7/20/2011
News Blaze: Beware of Bogus Internet Claims that Raw Eggs Are Safe, Food Expert Warns 7/20/2011
The Texas Tribune: Meet Barbara Cargill, the SBOE's Latest Chief 7/20/2011
UPI: Study: Fire could benefit some birds 7/20/2011
WXFS-Fox: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2: The bookend of a generation 7/20/2011
Pirates shut out lifeless Reds 1-0 7/19/2011
GOP lawmaker unleashes email tirade at colleague 7/19/2011
SC governor blasts media following AP jobs report 7/19/2011
Mom, 3 daughters from Colo. killed in Wyo. washout 7/19/2011
Astros trade 2B Keppinger to Giants 7/19/2011
NY sheriff: 5 killed, 9 hurt in tractor collision 7/19/2011
House GOP freshmen face political pressure of debt 7/19/2011
Gov't advisers: No copays for contraceptives 7/19/2011
Only US copy of Magna Carta treated at US Archives 7/19/2011
Perry has troubled relationship with tea party 7/19/2011
Man gets 32 years in Chicago beating death 7/19/2011
Bachmann: Migraines won't impede White House goals 7/19/2011
FBI arrests Va. man, said on Pakistani spy payroll 7/19/2011
Gang of 6 deficit effort gains momentum 7/19/2011
A better loo? Gates gives $42M to improve toilets 7/19/2011
Study: Healthy living can help prevent Alzheimer's 7/19/2011
Recall elections begin amid Wis. union law fallout 7/19/2011
Japan savors women's World Cup win 7/19/2011
Athletics finishes among nation's top 35 programs for 5th time in 7 years 7/19/2011
Austin American Statesman: Dentist leads a romantic, frenetic life 7/19/2011
Baylor Study Finds Some Desert Birds Less Affected By Wildfires and Climate Change 7/19/2011
Don't Believe Internet Claims that Raw Eggs Are Safe, Baylor University Food Expert Warns 7/19/2011
Fashion Program at Baylor University Earns High Praise by Influential Fashion Blog 7/19/2011
Huffington Post: Frequent Bible Reading Tied to Social Justice, Openness to Science 7/19/2011
The Daily Ardmoreite (OK): 11-year-old selling snow cones for college tuition 7/19/2011
Tyler Morning Telegraph: Study: Churches Not Always Best Help With Mental Illnesses 7/19/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor hires new men's basketball assistant after Morefield resigns 7/19/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Air Force major to take Waco's flag, good wishes to Iraq 7/19/2011
Women at the Top: Why working mothers want flexibility 7/19/2011
Campbell shines in 1st show since Alzheimer's news 7/18/2011
Study: Safety system can prevent low-speed crashes 7/18/2011
Cain says he wouldn't hesitate to defend Israel 7/18/2011
Bachmann criticizes black farmer settlement 7/18/2011
4 kids, mom pulled from burning house were stabbed 7/18/2011
AP Exclusive: Mortgage 'robo-signing' goes on 7/18/2011
Coburn proposes $9 trillion deficit cut measure 7/18/2011
Football. Football Game vs. Rice to be Televised by FSSW 7/18/2011
FBI: US couple kidnapped Israeli to force divorce 7/18/2011
Rapper Ja Rule sentenced in tax return case 7/18/2011
GOP contenders: All together now, I pledge ... 7/18/2011
NC woman to marry a year after paralyzing accident 7/18/2011
Thinking of getting a smaller car? Wait until fall 7/18/2011
Post-9/11, biggest terror threat is underground 7/18/2011
Accusations fly over obscure Medicare board 7/18/2011
Brain injury raises dementia risk, US study finds 7/18/2011
Debt talks and little else on Washington's agenda 7/18/2011
760 KFMB San Diego: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2: The bookend of a generation 7/18/2011
Baptist Standard: Baylor church music students transform African village 7/18/2011
Broadway World: WaterTower Theatre Presents Homemade Fusion 8/12-19 7/18/2011
Football. RG3 Among Walter Camp Players to Watch 7/18/2011
Incoming freshman named Miss Teen USA 2011 7/18/2011
M. Basketball. McCasland Named Men's Hoops Assistant Coach 7/18/2011 Oklahoma City Museum of Art to launch world-renowned Bible scholars' series Tuesday in conjunction with "Passages" 7/18/2011
The Athens Daily Review: Native Athenian named State Prosecutor of the Year 7/18/2011
The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Cleveland Browns' top rookie, Baylor's Phil Taylor, enjoys first camp with new teammates 7/18/2011 "Potter" fans hope to keep magic alive after movie 7/18/2011
VETERINARY ECONOMICS: Give your working moms control over their schedules 7/18/2011
Are grandparents safer drivers than mom and dad? 7/17/2011
Stage falls at Ottawa Bluesfest; no major injuries 7/17/2011
Herman Cain: Communities have right to ban mosques 7/17/2011
Japan wins 1st World Cup title in penalty shootout 7/17/2011
Tables turn on Murdoch as scandal rocks his empire 7/17/2011
Whither astronauts? Corps shrinks as shuttles stop 7/17/2011
Military Gay couples won't enjoy benefits 7/17/2011
Feds, states in dispute over court interpreters 7/17/2011
Falls, eye test may give clues to Alzheimer's 7/17/2011
Iran offers Argentina help with bombing probe 7/16/2011
In Egypt, fighting for a $50-a-month factory job 7/16/2011
Troops march in San Diego's gay pride parade 7/16/2011
Churches debate whether to marry gays 7/16/2011
Feds get a dose of kitchen-table economics 7/16/2011
'Harry Potter' conjures first-day record of $92.1M 7/16/2011
5 NKoreans fail steroids test at women's World Cup 7/16/2011
Atlanta schools created culture of cheating, fear 7/16/2011
Actress Googie Withers, 94, dies in Sydney home 7/16/2011
Turkey charges 14 militants with anti-US plot 7/16/2011
China calls on US to retract Dalai Lama invite 7/16/2011
Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony call it quits 7/15/2011
Romney banks 3-to-1 cash edge over closest rival 7/15/2011
Sculpture of Marilyn enjoying breeze unveiled 7/15/2011
Wreck of Canadian schooner found in Lake Ontario 7/15/2011
Economic outlook grim if no debt deal reached 7/15/2011
Liberal group threatens to pull Obama support 7/15/2011
Football. Griffin III Named to O'Brien Award Watch List 7/15/2011
M. Golf. Men's Golf Releases 2011-12 Schedule 7/15/2011
Hacking scandal casts light on Murdoch's politics 7/15/2011
Dawn craft to circle giant asteroid in 1st stop 7/15/2011
Romney scales back in NH, aims high 7/15/2011
EU hopes stress tests boost faith in its banks 7/15/2011
Obama's hands-on negotiation a political necessity 7/15/2011
Midwest flooding causes rail delays, added expense 7/15/2011
'Treme,' a winning show, suffers Emmy neglect 7/15/2011
Houston Chronicle: Transcript shows Perry likening office to pulpit 7/15/2011
Quad-Cities Online (Illinois): How Harry Potter changed the world 7/15/2011
Red Orbit: Message In A Bottle: Teaching Business Skills In Developing Countries 7/15/2011
Thank you, Baylor family, for speaking up on behalf of our students 7/15/2011
The Christian Science Monitor: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2': The bookend of a generation 7/15/2011
The Colorado County Citizen: Stancik makes headlines as news anchor 7/15/2011
The New York Times: 'Potter' Fans Hope to Keep Magic Alive After Movie 7/15/2011
Lady Gaga's YouTube account is suspended 7/14/2011
Kennedy family divided over Mass. family compound 7/14/2011
Cantor emerges as player and pain in debt talks 7/14/2011
Beyonce's father denies stealing from her 7/14/2011
AP source: FBI probing News Corp. 9/11 phone link 7/14/2011
Going after 2012 candidate Bachmann has its risks 7/14/2011
Daniel Baldwin files for divorce, claims violence 7/14/2011
Ron Paul's new TV ad opposes raising debt limit 7/14/2011
General News. Kenya Ministry Team Able to Increase Workload 7/14/2011
Softball. Canion Picks Up Win For USA 7/14/2011
W. Golf. Chambers, Terry Named NGCA All-American Scholars 7/14/2011
Arab Spring drifts into summer stalemates 7/14/2011
Behind the increase: Why Netflix is raising prices 7/14/2011
Giuliani heads to NH to explore presidential bid 7/14/2011
Clinton kicks off global tour with Libya talks 7/14/2011
`Game of Thrones' vies for Emmy nomination 7/14/2011
ABC News: Call Him Daddy-in-Chief 7/14/2011
Baylor prof in high demand from media as final Harry Potter film debuts 7/14/2011
ESPN: Golden State Warriors Going Back to School 7/14/2011
National Science Foundation: Organizational Climate Drives Commercialization of Scientific and Engineering Discoveries 7/14/2011
New Sports Chaplain Program at Baylor University's Seminary Is Designed for Ministry to Athletes 7/14/2011
Orlando Sentinel: Did Harry Potter change the world? 7/14/2011
The Business of Sports: Is Winning Everything? 7/14/2011
The Oklahoman: Documentary producer hopes to aid Oklahoma City homeless people with film 7/14/2011
Businesses look to cash in on 'Carmageddon' 7/13/2011
AP source: TV actress plans plea in NYC bar run-in 7/13/2011
Steelers' Harrison to magazine: Goodell a 'devil' 7/13/2011
GOP 2012 candidates quiet on McConnell plan 7/13/2011
W. Equestrian. Equestrian Signs Samantha Schaefer 7/13/2011
Suspect allowed to view child porn in Wash. jail 7/13/2011
India: Terror attack kills 17, wounds 81 in Mumbai 7/13/2011
Chain restaurants will make kids menus healthier 7/13/2011
Track. Track Adds Cook, Transfers For 2011-12 7/13/2011
How to improve baseball's All-Star game? End it. 7/13/2011
Fort Bragg death leads Army to suspend parachutes 7/13/2011
Democrat Janice Hahn wins Calif. US House race 7/13/2011
Pills prevent HIV in straight men and women 7/13/2011
Netflix raises rates, irks subscribers 7/13/2011
Poll: Upbeat baby boomers say they're not old yet 7/13/2011
AP sources: Feds eye CIA officer in prisoner death 7/13/2011
Alum's story: 'God was more great than we believed' 7/13/2011
Austin American-Statesman: Helping families in churches cope with mental illness 7/13/2011
Baylor University Institute for Oral History Staff Among the Recipients of the American Association for State and Local History Award of Merit for Texas in World War II Initiative 7/13/2011
CNN: Storytellers share their tales for live audience 7/13/2011
Dallas Morning News: Baylor's Robert Griffin: We can have one of the best offenses in the nation, 'if not the best' 7/13/2011
e!Science: Organizational climate drives commercialization of scientific and engineering discoveries 7/13/2011
East Montgomery County Observer: County adds 5 National Merit Scholars; 17 total 7/13/2011
Film School Rejects: Graduating From Hogwarts (AUDIO LINK INCLUDED) 7/13/2011
Football. Blake Named to Rimington Trophy Watch List 7/13/2011
HVACR Business: Dwyer Group names Chris Mellon vice president of marketing 7/13/2011
KCEN-TV: Women worse off than men post-Recession 7/13/2011
Message in a Bottle: Teaching Business Skills in Developing Countries 7/13/2011
Minority News: Civil Rights Songs On The "B Side" 7/13/2011
Minority News: Civil Rights Songs On The "B Side" 7/13/2011
The Norman Transcript: Norman North graduate wins National Merit scholarship 7/13/2011
APNewsBreak: Romney rejects gay marriage pledge 7/12/2011
Man's penis cut off, put through garbage disposal 7/12/2011
Should parents lose custody of super obese kids? 7/12/2011
Census: Share of children in US hits record low 7/12/2011
House Republicans: Down with squiggly light bulbs 7/12/2011
Motorcycle gang members face murder, drug charges 7/12/2011
Creator of 'Brady Bunch,' 'Gilligan's Island' dies 7/12/2011
Meet America's king of airline fees 7/12/2011
Texas Rep. Ron Paul retires from Congress 7/12/2011
Spanish doctor says leg transplant patient elated 7/12/2011
Envoys say Gadhafi ready to go, says French FM 7/12/2011
Current and former first ladies gather for funeral 7/12/2011
Oil imports drove May trade deficit to $50.2B 7/12/2011
More AIDS patients may get cheaper drugs 7/12/2011
Current and former first ladies gather for funeral 7/12/2011
Culture, hard lessons drive GOP's anti-tax stand 7/12/2011
Marine's date request gets through to Mila Kunis 7/12/2011
2 Americans abducted in southern Philippines 7/12/2011
Austin Business Journal: Organizational Climate Drives Commercialization of Scientific and Engineering Discoveries 7/12/2011
Baylor Men's Choir joins in 'The Prayer of the Children' 7/12/2011
General News. Ministry Team Making Difference in Kenya 7/12/2011
KCEN-TV: Why you should eat your "super foods" 7/12/2011
KWTX-TV: Big 12 Nominates Griffin III, Griner 7/12/2011
Nature: Women want flexibility 7/12/2011
Retail Info Systems (RIS) News: Cross-Channel Analytics Challenge 7/12/2011
Valley Morning Star: Prominent defense lawyer, district judge dies at 60 7/12/2011
Report: Systems to catch Medicaid fraud inadequate 7/11/2011
Murdoch grip on reins comes under fire in hacking 7/11/2011
Whoa, baby! Texas mom delivers 16-pound newborn 7/11/2011
US says Syria's Assad has lost legitimacy 7/11/2011
US women all the rage after epic win over Brazil 7/11/2011
Science seeks ways to take sting out of sunburn 7/11/2011
Amtrak train hits truck in Maine; both catch fire 7/11/2011
News Corp's bid for BSkyB referred to regulator 7/11/2011
To fight obesity, even babies should exercise 7/11/2011
More 100-degree days scorch Texas, other states 7/11/2011
It's a boy for Kate Hudson, rocker fiance Bellamy 7/11/2011
Experts: US aid `snub' to Pakistan blow to America 7/11/2011
Hamels and Ibanez lift Phillies over Braves 7/11/2011
Explosion at Cyprus naval base, 10 feared dead 7/11/2011
Nissan works on recharging Leaf with solar power 7/11/2011
Baylor Nutrition Professor To Discuss 'Super Foods' on Texas Today 7/11/2011
Baylor Testing Outdoor/Indoor Notification Systems July 11 7/11/2011
Baylor Welcomes Class of 2015 at Line Camp During July 7/11/2011 Organizational Climate Drives Commercialization of Scientific and Engineering Discoveries 7/11/2011
Houston Chronicle: Organizational Climate Drives Commercialization of Scientific and Engineering Discoveries 7/11/2011
Longview News-Journal: First Baptist Church welcomes pastor 7/11/2011
Positively Northern Nevada: Local Weatherman's Son Shines 7/11/2011
RFID Journal Blog: More Companies Turn to RFID to Manage Logistics 7/11/2011
The Daily Oklahoman: Oklahoma City Museum speaker series connected to Bible exhibit set for debut 7/11/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor researchers find churches often ignore struggles with mental illness 7/11/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Brittney Griner learns lessons at Team USA basketball trials 7/11/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Cesar Chavez principal will lead Waco High 7/11/2011
WIA (Women in Academia) Report: Baylor University Study Finds Flexible Work Schedules Are the Key to Retaining Working Mothers 7/11/2011
David Beckham, wife Victoria welcome a baby girl 7/10/2011
Alcatraz at night offers eerie experience 7/10/2011
102 missing after boat sinks in Russian river 7/10/2011
Hypnotist principal faces questions after suicides 7/10/2011
Panetta in Iraq to see officials, commanders 7/10/2011
Clemens trial a story of 2 friends turned enemies 7/10/2011
New Australian law to make Muslims lift veils 7/10/2011
One mother's catharsis on Srebrenica anniversary 7/10/2011
Australia to tax nation's worst polluters 7/10/2011
Obama's challenge: A debt deal and jobs, too 7/9/2011
General News. Bear Foundation Launches New Program 7/9/2011
Football. Time Running Out on 4th of July Ticket Promo 7/9/2011
Police say wearing video cameras offers protection 7/9/2011
Home of Betty Ford's rehab center absorbs loss 7/9/2011
Jeter homers for 3,000th hit, first Yank to do it 7/9/2011
Bishops, nuns and rabbis debate gas fracking 7/9/2011
Steelers' Hines Ward arrested on DUI charge in Ga. 7/9/2011
Anger over Casey Anthony verdict pours out online 7/9/2011
Aging boomers strain cities built for the young 7/9/2011
Army amputee thrown from NY roller coaster, dies 7/9/2011
Malaysia fires tear gas at protest, arrests 672 7/9/2011
Nolan Ryan says fan's widow worried about son 7/9/2011
Former first lady Betty Ford dies at 93 7/8/2011
Wyo. man charged with killing 3 sons, brother 7/8/2011
IMF agrees to give Greece $4.2 billion 7/8/2011
Kate and William heading for Los Angeles 7/8/2011
Nolan Ryan says fan's widow worried about son 7/8/2011
Calif. oddity's creator ordered jailed by judge 7/8/2011
Football. Waco Fire Department Visits Baylor 7/8/2011
APNewsBreak: BP wants to end future loss claims 7/8/2011
South Sudan is world's newest nation at midnight 7/8/2011
W. Soccer. Incoming Freshman Earns WPSL Honor 7/8/2011
7,000 UN troops and 900 police for South Sudan 7/8/2011
A bit of Baylor in China 7/8/2011
Baylor Professor Presents Report to Baptist World Alliance on Global Baptist Preaching 7/8/2011
Baylor University's Alleluia Conference July 19-22 Marks a Decade of Opportunities for Those in Sacred Music 7/8/2011
Florida Today: Four ways to cool the hot flashes 7/8/2011
National Catholic Register: Meet the 'New' American Bible, Available Today 7/8/2011
Newsroom America: President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts 7/8/2011
Science Daily: Organizational Climate at Universities Drives Commercialization of Scientific and Engineering Discoveries 7/8/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Cesar Chavez principal will lead Waco High 7/8/2011
WIA (Women in Academia) Report: Baylor University Study Finds Flexible Work Schedules Are the Key to Retaining Working Mothers 7/8/2011
Fan dies after falling from stands at Rangers game 7/7/2011
Hall of Fame baseball manager Williams dead at 82 7/7/2011
Football. Nearly 1,700 Season Tickets Sold During July 4th Special 7/7/2011
Talks: Inflation change could cut Social Security 7/7/2011
Police: 7 killed in related SW Michigan shootings 7/7/2011
Football. Aaron Jones Tabbed For Groza Award Watch List 7/7/2011
Football. Football's Wright Named to Biletnikoff Watch List 7/7/2011
Chavez looks to inner circle as he fights cancer 7/7/2011
Fans gather for Harry Potter premiere in London 7/7/2011
M. Tennis. Men's Tennis Adds Fourth Player for Fall 7/7/2011
W. Basketball. WBB Announces Non-Conference Schedule 7/7/2011
Elizabeth Smart to work as ABC commentator 7/7/2011
Obesity rates still rising in many states 7/7/2011
House and Senate panels take up 3 trade bills 7/7/2011
Man killed by grizzly at Yellowstone National Park 7/7/2011
Baylor Graduate Student Receives Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship 7/7/2011
First Things: A Story From Before We Can Remember: A Review of Tree of Life 7/7/2011
Health Scout: Truth About Ice Cream, Snow Cones May Be Hard to Swallow 7/7/2011
M. Basketball. Udoh Working on Degree During NBA Lockout 7/7/2011
Organizational Climate Drives Commercialization of Scientific and Engineering Discoveries 7/7/2011
Rangers' Murphy shares thoughts on faith, baseball in 'I am Second' video 7/7/2011
San Antonio Express-News: Involvement is key for new Shavano Park city manager 7/7/2011
The Oklahoman: Med school dean now leads OU College of Medicine 7/7/2011
UPI: Mental illness often ignored by churches 7/7/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor NFL draftee Danny Watkins waiting in Waco for season to be saved 7/7/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Stunning watercolor exhibit makes summer stop at Martin Museum 7/7/2011
3 Calif. moms accused of using PTA in Ponzi scheme 7/6/2011
Venezuelans ponder life without Chavez 7/6/2011
Casey Anthony, acquitted, now must rebuild life 7/6/2011
Obama takes on 'tweeters' in Twitter town hall 7/6/2011
Court orders immediate halt to gay military ban 7/6/2011
Teachers in middle of debate over immigrant kids 7/6/2011
Auto industry, seeing new life, is on hiring spree 7/6/2011
Odds of baby for infertile couples still very low 7/6/2011
China's censors scrub rumors of ex-leader dying 7/6/2011
Study: Long commutes could fatigue airline pilots 7/6/2011
US: Terrorists look to implant bombs in humans 7/6/2011
Source: Prosecutors, Strauss-Kahn lawyers to meet 7/6/2011
Indian tribes welcome much-maligned FEMA homes 7/6/2011
Lagarde takes helm of IMF amid major challenges 7/6/2011
14 men charged in sexual assaults of Texas girl 7/6/2011
IOC set for vote on 2018 Winter Olympics site 7/6/2011
Baylor Line Camp Joins Community Efforts to Support Summer Meals Program 7/6/2011
Baylor Names Faculty-In-Residence for Brooks Flats 7/6/2011
Baylor University President Ken Starr Thanks Legislators, TEG Supporters Following Announcement of Texas Equalization Grant Funding Levels 7/6/2011
dBusinessNews: Gardere's Faulk To Present Mock Supreme Court Arguments at International Litigation Conference 7/6/2011
Seattle Times: Young man's job hunt an adventure 7/6/2011
SWVA Today (VA): Baylor professor, author speaks at Bland UMC 7/6/2011
Temple Daily Telegram: 144th American Watercolor Society International Traveling Exhibition 7/6/2011
The Hub Magazine: The Shopper's Trophy 7/6/2011
The Woodlands Online: Cargill appointed chair of State Board of Education 7/6/2011
UPI: Droughts could have affect on marine life 7/6/2011
Why does the world need Baylor? 7/6/2011
Sabathia leads Yanks over Indians 7/5/2011
Massive dust storm descends on Phoenix area 7/5/2011
Anthony trial: Lack of evidence or good defense? 7/5/2011
Landmark gay history bill goes to Calif. governor 7/5/2011
Fewer pets killed because of spay, neuter programs 7/5/2011
Celebrated American painter Cy Twombly dies at 83 7/5/2011
Report: 197 migrants feared drowned off Sudan 7/5/2011
Venezuela's military a key player amid uncertainty 7/5/2011
Giffords aide who was hurt in rampage back at work 7/5/2011
Singer's voice problems cancel Duran Duran tour 7/5/2011
Football. RG3 Named To Maxwell Award Watch List 7/5/2011
Recession hits transit budgets despite rising need 7/5/2011
Leading Democrat says GOP tax argument flawed 7/5/2011
Iran showcases homegrown arms in war games 7/5/2011
AP IMPACT: New danger found in asbestos town 7/5/2011
Space shuttle's legacy: Soaring in orbit and costs 7/5/2011
GOP uses budget, other tools to sap financial law 7/5/2011
India health minister calls homosexuality disease 7/5/2011 Flexible Work Schedule for Moms Returning After Giving Birth: Does It Work? 7/5/2011
Camp Success a win-win for Baylor and Central Texas 7/5/2011
Eclectic American Watercolor Society International Traveling Exhibition hosted at the Martin Museum of Art will be open through August 13 7/5/2011
KDFW-TV: Lone Star Adventure: Egypt Lost 7/5/2011
The Dallas Morning News: Byron Johnson: How to reduce recidivism? With faith-based volunteers 7/5/2011
The Fredericksburg (VA) Free Lance-Star: Faith of the Founding Fathers key to liberty 7/5/2011
The Michael Medved Show: More God, Less Crime 7/5/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: BRIC research center rising out of old General Tire facility 7/5/2011
Yahoo! News: 5 Tips to Use the Summer Before College Wisely 7/5/2011
AP Enterprise: The man who hunted Osama bin Laden 7/4/2011
NFL retirees file complaint against players, NFL 7/4/2011
Suitcase escape bid foiled at Mexican prison 7/4/2011
Japan reconstruction minister resigns over remarks 7/4/2011
Football. Special Promo Offers Football Season Tickets for $101 7/4/2011
Fraternal twins with autism: Is risk in the womb? 7/4/2011
AP Interview: Serb diplomat wants Kosovo progress 7/4/2011
New air traffic control system at crossroads 7/4/2011
Harry Potter star says he no longer drinks 7/4/2011
Southern swamp holds clues about runaway slaves 7/4/2011
Frenchwoman accuses Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape 7/4/2011
Djokovic new No. 1; Serena Williams drops to 175th 7/4/2011
Blast hits Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan 7/4/2011
Heart disease, No. 1 killer, can sneak up on women 7/4/2011
11 missing after boat capsizes off Mexico 7/4/2011
Montana Milestone: Millionth resident coming soon 7/4/2011
Officials: 4 killed, 1 hurt in SKorea shooting 7/4/2011
2 killed, including officer, in Memphis hotel 7/3/2011
Wimbledon leaving NBC, appears headed to ESPN 7/3/2011
Never too late: Declaration signers being honored 7/3/2011
In Strauss-Kahn case, DA weighs limited options 7/3/2011
New type of commander may avoid Katrina-like chaos 7/3/2011
Police in Belarus use tear gas to disperse protest 7/3/2011
Border strife in Afghanistan shows wider tensions 7/3/2011
Warming ocean could melt ice faster than thought 7/3/2011
Anti-tax diehard looms large in spending showdown 7/3/2011
NY motorcyclist dies on ride protesting helmet law 7/3/2011
French split on return to politics for DSK 7/3/2011
Lawyer: Mladic to boycott court appearance 7/3/2011
Military: Sham marriages got Marines housing money 7/3/2011
DA: Child, man shot dead outside Philly; 3 hurt 7/3/2011
NASA's Final 4: Fate grants them farewell flight 7/3/2011
AP Exclusive: Miracle claimed for WWII-era pope 7/3/2011
Last Vietnam-era draftee decides to retire 7/3/2011
US war vets rely on alms to keep Philippine graves 7/3/2011
Australia military may scrap all gender barriers 7/3/2011
Radiohead ventures into Chinese social media 7/2/2011
Exxon oil spill in Mont. river prompts evacuations 7/2/2011
Justice Ginsburg's future plans closely watched 7/2/2011
Mexico confirms 11 dead from Arlene and aftermath 7/2/2011
Chavez's illness poses potential pitfalls for foes 7/2/2011
US Senate battleground heats up far from Beltway 7/2/2011
Plumbing the conscience of the Unabomber's brother 7/2/2011
Post-9/11, a security blanket for a wounded nation 7/2/2011
Some worry about nuclear plant evacuation plans 7/2/2011
NJ paves way on tightening public worker benefits 7/2/2011
CA college students brace for state budget cuts 7/2/2011
'Transformers' climbs to $97.5M, aims for records 7/2/2011
New York DA suffers new setback with Strauss-Kahn 7/2/2011
Romney watches for Iowa path as campaigns heat up 7/2/2011
Greece arrests Gaza-bound boat captain 7/2/2011
Obama: 'Nothing can be off-limits' in budget 7/2/2011
AP IMPACT: First 24 hours shaped Japan nuke crisis 7/2/2011
Ex-Thai PM, in exile, looms large in tense vote 7/2/2011
Havana's small community of Twitterati meets IRL 7/2/2011
China documentary directors say they have freedom 7/1/2011
Jagr to Philly; Richards looking for new NHL home 7/1/2011
Obama chooses new counterterror chief 7/1/2011
Royals tour Canada, Monaco gets a new princess 7/1/2011
FAA: Tired air traffic controllers can skip work 7/1/2011
Shriver files to divorce Schwarzenegger 7/1/2011
Man in airport security breach ordered held in LA 7/1/2011
July 4 fireworks banned for fear of wildfires 7/1/2011
Mich. ban on race in college admissions illegal 7/1/2011
AP Source: Google among firms looking to buy Hulu 7/1/2011
France riveted by Strauss-Kahn developments 7/1/2011
The economic recovery turns 2: Feel better yet? 7/1/2011
African Union tries to reach consensus on Libya 7/1/2011
Prince Albert of Monaco weds Charlene Wittstock 7/1/2011
Treasury confirms deadline for raising debt limit 7/1/2011
New rules target racy Vietnamese cafes in Calif 7/1/2011
Kan. abortion rules face test in federal court 7/1/2011
New Pentagon chief facing mountain of problems 7/1/2011
Obama picks fight on taxes, big or just symbolic 7/1/2011
AZTV (Phoenix, Ariz.) : Flexible schedule helps keep new moms in the workplace 7/1/2011
Baptist Standard: BWIM Honors Texans 7/1/2011
Baptist Standard: Partnership builds network of social support for families 7/1/2011
Baylor Finishes 35th In Learfield Directors' Cup 7/1/2011
Baylor Observes Special Hours for July 4 7/1/2011
Baylor University Gives Life-changing Therapy to Youths with Language Disorders 7/1/2011
Celebrating 235 years of American independence -- and 175 years of Texas independence 7/1/2011
General News. Baylor Finishes 35th In Learfield Directors' Cup 7/1/2011
Minority News: Was Mark Twain A Closet Racist? 7/1/2011
The Record Redding (Redding, Calif.): More people are praying for their health, study says 7/1/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor softball's Canion set for international challenge 7/1/2011
WM Magazine: Flexible work key to retaining mums - US study 7/1/2011

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