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Undergraduate Students Spotlights

Please use the links below to read what our undergraduate students say about CSD.

Faculty - "They will do anything to help me continue to learn and achieve my goal of being the best speech therapist I can be." - Abbey Schwada

Student Head - Abbey Schwada
Abbey Schwada

Lindsey notes that all of the professors have been accessible and helpful. "I think that knowing that my professors truly care about my success has helped me succeed in my classes." - Lindsey Rucker

Student Head - Lindsey Rucker
Lindsey Rucker

"Baylor's campus gives me the feeling of going to a large university with a diverse population but also the sense of belonging to a tight-knit family." - Sallie Leslie

Student Head - Sallie Leslie
Sallie Leslie

"Professors genuinely care about their students, and they do everything in their power to help us succeed." - Natalie Sedita

Student Head - Natalie Sedita
Natalie Sedita

"My teachers have the ability to make me as excited as they are about the courses and because of their enthusiasm, I want to do my best." - Melissa Clary

Student Head - Melissa Clary Melissa Clary

Alex knows Baylor is the right place for her because of how much she loves being a part of the community and how much she enjoys learning. "The speech pathology program is wonderful, and the professors are always willing to help," - Alex Hefner

Student Head - Alex Hefner
Alex Hefner

"I honestly believe that all of the professors love what they do and want us to love it as much as they do, and to become the best speech pathologists we can be," Abigail says. To Abigail, that is what makes the speech pathology program unique. - Abigail Porter