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Graduate Student Spotlights

Please use the links below to read what our graduate students say about CSD.

"I think the most unique thing about our graduate program is the collective cooperation of the students and professors." - Ashley Carnes

Student Head - Ashley Carnes
Ashley Carnes

"The speech-language pathology program is thorough, challenging, and fulfilling. Not only do you learn the knowledge within the classroom, but you also get ample opportunity to apply the knowledge in the clinic setting." - Alicia Pattillo Student Head - Alicia Pattillo
Alicia Pattillo

"I am appreciative of my professors because they invest so much of their lives into this program and the education of its students." - Lauren Castro

Student Head - Lauren Castro
Lauren Castro

"The professors are more than willing to sit down and discuss any projects or class topics that are unclear. They want students to succeed and graduate with abundant knowledge." - Romisa Rangel Student Head - Romisa Rangel
Romisa Rangel

"Each of my professors has gone out of their way to invest in my life, expressing their desire to help me learn and grow. [They].challenge me to become the best clinician possible through their professional teaching and guidance." - Bethany Fowler

Student Head - Bethany Fowler
Bethany Fowler

When asked to describe her experience at Baylor, Lauren simply responds, "motivating." She says, "I have learned from, been encouraged by and truly admired my professors," says Lauren. - Lauren Sherman Student Head - Lauren Sherman
Lauren Sherman

"The education that I receive here at Baylor is one of a kind.... and earning a Baylor master's degree means you will receive as much hands on experience as possible to prepare you for your professional career." - Averi Hamilton

Student Head - Averi Hamilton
Averi Hamilton

"This program challenges you to become the best SLP you can be. By the time you leave this program, you will be well-prepared educationally, emotionally, clinically, medically, as well as grown as an individual." - Elaine Smith Student Head - Elaine Smith
Elaine Smith