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Contact Information
Dr. Michaela J. Ritter
Director of Language Literacy Clinic
Interim Chair

Research has suggested that 80% of children referred for special education (e.g., for learning disabilities or speech-language problems) have reading problems (Kavale and Reese, 1992). A child's poor reading skills can prevent him or her from being as successful as he or she could be academically (Moore-Brown and Montgomery, 2001).

Research states that most children with reading disabilities can be taught to read if they get early and effective phonological awareness treatment and specific reading interventions. Research substantiates that programs that use multi-sensory structured language techniques can facilitate children learning to read. With early and effective training, children with reading disabilities will have significantly fewer problems in learning to read at grade level (Diamond and Mandel, 1998). The Baylor University Language and Literacy Clinic provides a comprehensive speech, language and literacy evaluation to determine the appropriate treatment for children with language, reading problems or dyslexia. Following the diagnostic evaluation, recommendations are made for specific treatments that should benefit the child with these areas of weakness.

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders has a long and notable history of educational and therapy service to the community. The Department began as a subspecialty area within the Department of Communication Studies 56 years ago. It became an independent Department in 1976 and has gone on to be ranked by Newsweek Magazine as the 46th best graduate program out of 115 programs in speech-language pathology. When a subset of "Masters Degree Only Programs" is considered, Baylor's program moves up to the 4th best in the nation.

The Baylor University Language and Literacy Clinic was formed in 2004. We wanted to further our efforts in meeting the needs of children with speech, language and reading problems and serve them and their families. The LLC not only provides services to children but also trains graduate students to evaluate and treat children with language and reading impairments. Our extended goal is to train graduate students in language and literacy evaluation and treatment protocols so that these students can go out as speech-language pathologists and serve children and their families all over the nation and the world.