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Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to Baylor's Communication Sciences & Disorders Website!

Dr. GarrettSpanning more than a half a century, Baylor's Graduate Program in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders is one of the University's largest and most distinguished graduate programs. The Department's distinguished history of educational excellence and rehabilitation service has garnered national recognition and has regularly been rated as a top-tier Best Graduate Program.

Our curriculum and intensive hands-one experience and the mentoring of caring and knowledgeable faculty make us a people-oriented academic family. Our top-notch programs give graduates and undergraduates the training to succeed in the real world and to make a difference in a person's life. Please browse our website to learn more about our programs and what our students say.

Speech Pathology - an Amazing Field

The field of Speech Pathology is an amazing field where professionals can choose from many different clinical opportunities (hospitals, schools, rehabilitation hospitals, clinics, private practice, etc). This field is for anyone who loves helping people in need, enjoys learning how the human body works, and would like to apply the medical sciences to helping children and adults in a very real and personal way.

Our Faculty

The faculty in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders are expert clinicians who blend a wealth of academic expertise and more than 200 years of combined professional and clinical experiences in such settings as hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, and public schools. Our Faculty members have a strong commitment to providing a comprehensive and intensive training program in a caring environment that incorporates the latest innovations and research, state-of-the-art technology, and clinical experience in a wide variety of settings.

Our Undergraduate Program

If you are considering joining our undergraduate program as a major, you will find that the CSD Faculty are dedicated to providing a very strong foundation in the field of Speech Pathology. The Faculty present the latest research and innovations in the field, and help the students understand how foundational materials apply to their future clinical careers. All of this, while operating in a caring environment with open door policies. Our department also offers outstanding American Sign Language classes and a highly respected Deaf Education Teacher Training Program. Please consider visiting with one of our advisors if you would like to learn more.

Our Graduate Program

Baylor's reputation for excellent instruction and quality graduates draws many of the nation's top undergraduates to seek admission into our masters program. Due to this high demand, students of excellence have the opportunity to spend four semesters in a dynamic and challenging environment that not only inspires individual accomplishment, but also encourages collaboration with fellow students.

A degree from the Baylor CSD department has long been nationally recognized for its quality. This recognition of our graduates' high level of training and clinical experience together with the growing need for certified professional speech pathologists mean that new Baylor graduates often receive multiple job offers. Our graduates also benefit from the reputations of more than 1,200 alumnae practitioners who have gone on to provide outstanding professional services in a variety of settings across the country.

Dr. J. David Garrett
Chair, Communication Sciences & Disorders