Class Scheduling Responsibilities:

  • Schedule classes in a way that allows majors to complete departmental requirements in a timely fashion
  • Balance student demand and departmental and/or university resources when scheduling classes
  • Work with other departments in scheduling an adequate number of sections to meet degree requirements for their students
  • Schedule classes for each term, distributed throughout the day and week to allow flexibility in students' schedules

  • Submit through Banner class schedules for each semester according to the timeline set by the Registrar

  • Manage class size appropriate for the type of course, keeping in mind that undergraduate sections should not run under 10 students and graduate sections should not run under 5 students

  • Approve teaching assignments for individual faculty and assign classrooms appropriate for each section

  • Work with registrar and/or advisors to balance class sizes across sections appropriate to the nature of the class, the size of the room, and the resources available in the room

  • Use ChairSIS to change the maximum seats available in a class

  • Establish a departmental procedure for permitting students into a closed class

  • Encourage faculty to follow bookstore procedures and timeline when ordering course materials

Where to go for help:

  • Registrar -- The Registrar can offer assistance with class scheduling and course listings.

  • The Office of the Provost -- The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education can offer assistance with curriculum planning and procedures.

  • Information Technology Services -- The various IT Systems such as Banner, ChairSIS, PAWS and many others are described here. The website also explains how you can get access to these systems.

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