Cutting a check

Some departments like to hand deliver a checks to speakers, performers and other vendors. Accounts Payable discourages this practice because these checks are often lost. If you must hand deliver a check, please follow these guidelines:

  • Note in the TRAX voucher comments that you will be picking up the check otherwise the check may not be prepared until up to twenty days after the invoice date.

  • Give Accounts Payable one or two week's notice -- All paperwork must be received in Accounts Payable by 3:00 on the day before you expect to receive the check. This is an absolute minimum. But, the longer you wait, the more likely you will run into a snag. It is a good idea to abide by these guidelines:

    • Check for a Domestic/local payee -- get the paperwork to Accounts Payable at least one week in advance.

    • Check for an International payee -- get the paperwork to Accounts Payable at least two weeks in advance.

  • Be aware of the check printing schedule -- Checks are only printed on certain days and may not be available until the afternoon on those days.