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Paying for contracted services

Pay with a voucher or requisition -- You pay for a contract with a voucher or requisition.

Abide by all regular procurement guidelines -- The same basic rules apply to a contract as for any other purchase, except that contracts are generally disallowed on the purchasing card. Use a voucher for contracts less than $5,000. If the contract is for $5,000 or more, you should use the TRAX requisition process.

Document Correctly -- Correct documentation will help your contract move through the system more quickly:

  • $5,000 or over -- just like with any other purchase of this amount, you should document three bids and use the lowest bidder, or you should explain why you didn't in the TRAX comments field.
  • $10,000 or over -- in addition to the information about bids, also document in the TRAX comments field that the contract has been reviewed by General Counsel and approved by the provost.
If this documentation is missing, it will cause delays in processing payment.

Requisition the whole amount -- When you submit a requisition, it should be for the whole amount of the contract. The only exception is if the contract will cross into the next fiscal year, in which case the requisition should be for the whole amount that will be paid in the current fiscal year, and another requisition should be submitted at the beginning of the next fiscal year to cover the balance. If the requisition is to be paid in installments, send an approved invoice with the PO number to Accounts Payable each time a payment is due. This will trigger them to make the payment.

Be sure to send the contract and invoice paperwork to Accounts Payable -- Remember, Accounts Payable does not make payment unless they have an invoice from you. Even though they have a copy of the contract, they will not make payment unless they get an invoice from you to trigger the actual payment.