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Permits and Waivers

The Academic Advisement website has a list of advising terms that you should know. Two terms, permits and waivers, refer to actions that affect enrollment in your department's courses.

A permit, sometimes referred to as a "closed class card", allows a student special permission to enroll in a course that has already filled. The student must contact the department or the individual instructor to get into the particular section in which he or she is hoping to enroll. For departments that desire to manage the enrollment in its courses, it is best to have one person in the department in charge of granting permits. Instructors should then be advised to make no promises about the possibility of the permit being granted.

A word of caution about permits: A permit overrides all restrictions in the Banner system except time conflicts. Once a student is granted a permit, the system does not check to see if the student has met the requirements to be enrolled in the course, nor does it check to determine whether there is adequate space for the student in the classroom.

A waiver is special permission to allow a student to enroll in a course without having completed the stated prerequisites. A waiver does not override the enrollment cap placed on the course; therefore, a waiver does not guarantee that the student will be able to enroll in the course.

You should realize that courses with pre-requisites typically only make reference to the highest-level prerequisite. For example, MTH 1101 might be a prerequisite for STA 2101, which is a prerequisite for PSY 2202. If a student is given a waiver to get into STAT 2101 and receives credit for STAT 2101 without having succcessfully completed MTH 1101, the student can register for PSY 2202 (unless MTH 1101 is specifically listed as a prerequisite for PSY 2202). The student may be greatly disadvantaged by not having completed MTH 1101 prior to enrolling in PSY 2202, yet nothing in the Banner system prevents this from happening once the student has passed STA 2101.

Permits and waivers are granted using the PAWS system. If you need access to this system or if you need to authorize access to this system for someone in your department, follow the guidelines for SIS Web Application Access.